Soft Launch

Posted January 1, 2004 by éS

Welcome to the "Soft Launch" of the new éS web site. There are still a ton of new things to come, but we just couldn't make you wait. For now, feel free to check out our new footwear, apparel and team rider sections.

We would also like to inform you that this site is built according to certain web standards. In order to fully enjoy everything on it, we advise you to download the best browser possible for your computer. If you're on a PC (or on Linux), download Firebird. If you're on a Mac, download Safari. Both of these browsers are THE BEST in handling web pages, plus they come with a ton of neat features such as pop-up blocking, Google search, tabbed browsing and better security.

So for now, download a better browser and come back next week to check out the full version of the new éS web site. We'll see you then!


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