Team Report 01-05-04

Posted January 7, 2004 by éS

X Games gold medalist Eric Koston signed autographs for his fans at the Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest Grand Opening on Saturday, December 13. Eric also recently signed up with the Napster program, where, as a bonus, they gave him a PC mp3 player and unlimited access to Looks like Eric's our new Napster friendster! Eric has also been enjoying skateboarding in his new éS K-6 samples. They'll be ready for you in June 2004. So, if you see him wearing a brown and pink shoe, don't worry--it's just the K-6. It'll be the hot item for summer! Check out our new K-6 slogan, 'Don't look like a fool, buy what's cool.' What do you think? If I were writing a personal for Eric Koston, it would go something like this: "I enjoy skateboarding on the weekends with Scuba Steve, Atiba Jefferson, P.J. Ladd and Justin Eldridge, designing skateboarding footwear (like my new éS K-6), and, from time to time, golfing, long walks on the beach with my girlfriend and my dog, throwing-up shakas to the kids and doing switch backside 360s down ten stairs--all while wearing Four Star clothing."

Tom Penny is now on the Active Ride Shop Team. Word up to Shane for picking him up before his competition, Shimmy's Skate Surf & Fish in Norfolk, England. It was a tight competition, but in the end, Tom chose quality skate gear over free fish. Penny spent the last few months in the U.S. finalizing his part for the Flip Really Sorry DVD and touring with éS and Krew throughout the country. He'll be heading back to Europe for a few months, where he plans to continue filming for the upcoming éS video, which is untitled at the moment.

Rick McCrank wants you to know that his AntiSocial video premiere went very well overall. They sold out the theatre (500-plus people) and had a wicked afterparty. Look for that video out soon through AntiSocial. Call (604) 708-5678 for more info.

Between flatground sessions in various parking lots in Costa Mesa, Rodrigo Teixeira found some time to sign some autographs for his fans at the Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest Grand Opening in Mid-December and also to manipulate a few manuals at the super-secret Fiercely Fabulous Flatground Fun Facility West. Rodrigo is slowly weaning himself back onto his board, and will start filming for the next éS video in early 2004. The éS team is excited to see what Rodrigo is going to throw down for his part.

P.J. Ladd has an all-new two-minute part in the Flip Really Sorry DVD, which was filmed in just a few months' time and has a pretty raw feeling to it. That means it was edited without music, giving it a pretty core 'sponsor me' video vibe--just the way PJ likes it: real.

Justin Eldridge is really doing a switch 5-0 in that Hot Chocolate Tour ad. Forgot he skates goofy, eh? Justin will be featured in the Hot Chocolate Tour video, directed by Spike Jonze and filmed by Ty Evans. Just another amazing video to come out of the Girl Family. Justin Eldridge loves his éS shoes, Chocolate skateboard, Stussy clothing and his girlfriend Amy.

Thrasher King of the Road Coverage
Look for some major éS team coverage in the new January 2004 edition of Thrasher. Their King of the Road tour article features Eric Koston, Rick McCrank, Paul Rodriguez, P.J. Ladd and Alexis Sablone going head-to-head with other teams such as the Tum Yeto crew (Ethan Fowler and friends), Deluxe Crew (Tony Trujillo and friends) and Volcom crew (Rune Glifberg, Javier Sarmiento, Dustin Dollin and crew). Each team was given a road map with stops in various cities, and a booklet with about 200 trick options to land for points (kind of like a real-life video game). In the end, éS let Deluxe win on purpose by passing on certain trick and bonus points (for example, 50 points for making out with an older woman, 50 points to skate naked, and so on). But the éS team was the only one to land a nollie backside 180 flip down a ten-stair. And, oddly enough, the éS team is the group of skateboarders who didn't follow all the rules of the game just to win, instead doing what they wanted to do as they traversed the country, in search of fun. Witness it all in the January 2004 Thrasher and full-length Thrasher King of the Road video due out in February 2004.

Scuba Steve should be Skater of the Year. Check his footage out in P.J. Ladd's part of the Flip DVD.

Honorable Mention: Eric Fletcher, for keeping it real in Iowa.


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