Team Report 1-21-04

Posted January 22, 2004 by éS

mouseheadOur very own X Games gold medalist, Eric Koston, has been living it up in South America on MTV's new travel show, Trippin', which is kind of like a mix between Road Rules and National Geographic. Eric was invited to travel with the likes of Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Gucci (a famous hairstylist) and Fonsworth (Puff Dad's personal servant) to Chile, South America. The purpose? Global awareness, or so says MTV, but we think it'll just end up promoting even more stardom for Eric. Did Eric skate? He brought his board, but between the glacier hikes, riverboat travels, camping with the natives and scaling mountains, he ran out of time (and asphalt). The trip did bring him closer to two of my personal favorite girls, Cameron and Drew. (Drew, if you get bored and decide to dump that Strokes drummer and wanna date Eric Koston's éS team manager, call me')

Tom Penny has recently been trying to stay dry in London, England. He's been filming tricks with Mike Manzoori on those rare dry days, which have been few and far between. Tom will be heading to Melbourne, Australia for the Globe World Cup contest. While there, he may decide to stay a bit and film with the rest of the Flip team.

antisocialbillboardRick McCrank spent the holidays editing his new Anti Social video and adding extra footage to the DVD which will be out soon. Look for Rick in Melbourne, Australia at the Globe contest with fellow éS team rider Tom Penny.

Rodrigo Teixeira is in the éS ghetto training facility as I am writing this, enjoying a therapeutic skate session on the manual pads and flat bars. Rodrigo will be skating much more in 2004, and he's now getting ready to begin the first stages of filming for his éS video part.

Since he arrived back home in Boston for the holidays, P.J. Ladd is keeping warm in the sub-freezing weather with some late-night sessions in his Fiercely Fabulous Flatground Fun Facility. P.J. will be working on a new limited-edition éS Accel colorway due out later this year. His very own éS pro model shoe will follow sometime in 2005.

Justin Eldridge just returned from a trip to Argentina with Stussy. Justin thought that Argentina was amazing: there are lots of great spots to skate, it is really cheap to eat and there are lots of dogs running wild in the streets. Funny, Justin also discovered that Louis Vuitton belts are the same price there as they are in the U.S. and that the beaches look like the 101 freeway at 5:00 p.m.

Honorable Mention
: To all the kids who have been waiting patiently for the full éS website to finally get up and running, we thank you!


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