Team Report 1-27-04

Posted January 27, 2004 by éS

Our very own X Games gold medalist, Eric Koston, just back from rubbing elbows with the movie stars, kept it real this weekend, continuing to film for the upcoming éS video. He filmed a line which included?oh, wait. If I tell you what he did, we may get some haters complaining about éS giving away certain riders' tricks (as we have in the past). You?ll have to wait until later this year to see what Eric has been filming. That's when we're planning on releasing the video. But you know how that goes, right? Eric has also been in on the planning some sort of Muska vs. Koston winner-takes-all contest on a nine-stair rail in Los Angeles. The Battle of Los Angeles, huh? Sounds like it could be pretty cool...

There has been a phenomena of Tom Penny ?sightings? in England, so much so that an English website has been keeping track of Tom?s whereabouts and locations he's skated. Go to to read more on Tom and the new Cliché video (starring new éS team rider Cale Nuske).

Rick McCrank is preparing to skate in the Globe World Cup contest in Melbourne, Australia on February 13-15. This will be a very special trip for him, as he will be bringing his five year-old daughter, Kalea. It?ll be her first trip to Australia with her Pops. Rick has also been working on the éS McCrank 4 shoe recently, and it looks devilishly good!

Rodrigo Teixeira has been spotted skating the éS training facility (see photos) as per doctors orders, regaining his natural ability on his board after suffering a torn ACL and recovering from knee surgery. Rodrigo will be back in shape soon and filming for the upcoming éS video in no time. Between trips to Mexico and Brazil, and skating flatground everyday, Rodrigo recently stopped by the éS headquarters to look over new designs and continue working on his second shoe--it's now in the very early stages, but it's looking good!

P.J. Ladd has been keeping the flame alive in that Eastern deep freeze of frozen bones known unofficially as "Boston". Since the economy has been on a downswing (especially in "Boston"), P.J. has been forced to lay-off some of the employees in his Fiercely Fabulous Flatground Fun Facility. So if you?re looking for a job there, check back next summer. Hopefully, the X Games will have the economy pumped back up by then.

The result of that Hot Chocolate Tour last August, the Hot Chocolate Video premiered to an exclusive crowd at the Girl Facility last Friday night. Justin Eldridge has an amazing part, which fits right in with his Chocolate teammates Gino Ianucci, Kenny Anderson, and Marc Johnson. That's some pretty good company, right there, Justin. Good job! When this video comes out, buy it.

Australian Skateboarder of the Year (according to Australian skateboard authority SLAM magazine) Cale Nuske injured his knee during a Skateboarder magazine trip in Sydney recently. He underwent knee surgery last Monday and will be out for a relatively short six weeks. Cale is currently relaxing at home in Adelaide. Get well soon, kid!

Scuba Steve has been taking lots of photos with his new Sprint camera phone. We?ll soon have these photos on exhibit in our online photographic museum for you to check out!

Honorable Mention: To Bobby Worrest, Anthony Shetler and Eric Fletcher for representing at Tampa Am last weekend. Good job, you all!


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