Team Report 2-2-04

Posted February 4, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston loves golf. On most weekends, you can usually find him teeing up at the following courses: Los'wait a minute. We can't tell you that! Eric needs to concentrate on his game, not handing out Calloway stickers to kids or fielding questions like, "Can I have your clubs?" or "How do I turn pro at golfing?" Eric also enjoys skating the many high schools that Los Angeles has to offer. Say, for example, Los Angeles High School. He skates there sometimes. Great. Koston is in the midst of preparing to go to Melbourne, Australia next week for the 2004 Globe World Cup contest. In 2002, Koston skated the contest wearing a pink shirt, a camo hat and had Van Halen's 'Jump' playing in the background. During his run, he did a run-and-jump method off the ten-foot tall Euro-gap into a bank ramp and threw in a bonus early grab 360 air. Even though he placed, like, 17th, in my opinion he should have won on style and trick originality alone. Maybe he'll win this year. After all, he is our X Games gold medalist, you know.

Tom Penny is also readying himself to go to the Globe World Cup. This will be the first contest Tom has skated in over four years, so I'd guess he's kind of nervous. I mean, wouldn't you be? Good luck, Tom!

Let's give you some stats on this contest: The Rod Laver arena, where the contest has been hosted since 2002, seats 16,000 people and last year it sold out on the day of the finals. The contest this year has a $100,000 purse and will host some of the finest street / vert skaters of all time. Wait, did I mention vert? There is no vert contest this year! Maybe Danny Way will be mega-jumping the street course and Bob Burnquist will be competing against the street riders. He's good enough, that's for sure.

Rick McCrank loves to shoot photos. He just bought a new Leica and will be shooting lots of photos of his daughter while in Australia for the Globe World Cup. McCrank won the contest in 2002 and placed 2nd in 2003. Let's see what Rick places this year, eh? Maybe above 1st place.

Rodrigo Teixeira is back in Brazil for the moment, filming with Anthony from 411 for Rodrigo's "Day in the Life" article. Rodrigo will be doing some skating, which means some new Rodrigo footage will be appearing soon. We can't wait!

P.J. Ladd wants you to know that he is keeping chilly back east in the worst cold snap the area has witnessed in the history of recorded weather. In typical macho fashion, P.J. has been trying to up the ante a little further with daily trips to Dairy Queen for Blizzards, Dilly Bars and, of course, large Chocolate-Dipped Cones.

Justin Eldridge is looking into buying a house with filmer extraordinaire Scuba Steve somewhere in the San Fernando Valley. More to come later. Did we warn you guys about doing business with your friends?

Scuba Steve has been filming, driving and preparing for the upcoming éS video by studying the filming angles and lighting techniques of such motion picture legends as French Fred, Ty Evans and Spike Jonze. Not a bad group, eh?
Honorable Mention: Tim at Pit Crew for being, well, himself. éS flow rider Bobby Worrest gets a word out, as well. Nice photo in Thrasher, bud (March 2004, page 157).


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