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February 2004

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Rodrigo's Shadow is HUGE!

Click on the thumbnail, wait until the big image is done loading, right-click and set as wallpaper!

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éS Hawaii '03 Trip

nuske butters

From November 21 thru 26, 2003, Eric Koston, Rick McCrank, Rodrigo Teixeira, P.J. Ladd, Justin Eldridge and Cale Nuske went on a five-day trip to the beautiful islands of Hawaii for an éS signing and demo at the legendary T&C Surf & Skate in Honolulu. The signing session brought an amazing turnout, which took place at T&C's Ala Moana Mall location. It had been three years since the last éS demo / signing in these parts, and there were about twice as many kids as there were for our last visit.

penny butters

All of the kids were given new, limited-edition signing sheets featuring the famous éS team rider faces from the Contract shoes. Each rider's signature was removed from the artwork, leaving an empty space for kids to collect all of the éS riders' authentic autographs. Rad! Now, you can download the Contract faces right here on the éS web site to make your own T-shirts and posters.

ladd butters

After the ninety-minute signing, we ventured on over to the historic Aala Skatepark, which the éS team destroyed with an amazing demo. The entire team was in full effect, with P.J. Ladd and Rick McCrank leading this jaw-dropping session. P.J. had too many lines to remember, including switch flip feeble grinds on the high rail, switch 360 flips over the entire fun box and switch flip 5-0s to 180 out on the ledge box into a bank ramp. McCrank boasted high-flying frontside 180 ollies over the entire round hip, switch tailslide reverts on the over-vert wall, Cab boardslides on the high flat bar, kickflip 50/50s on the rail and hazards on the mellow bank. Justin Eldridge put down the 360 flip noseblunt slides on the rail in front of Koston, as well as every nollie combination down the rail.

koston butters

Cale Nuske skates so naturally both ways, it was hard for the kids to tell what was switch or regular. Cale is actually goofy foot, for those who want to know. He threw down switch flip feebles on the rail, kickflip crooks down the rail and too many other amazing tricks to remember. Penny mastered the hips with 360 nollie heelflips and nollie pop shove-its over the rail. And last but certainly not least, Koston pulled out a kickflip backside nose blunt slide down the rail and a few kickflip nose manuals to nollie heelflip out on the high manual pad. Word up to the éS team--best demos you'll ever see in your life.

McCrank Butters

The next few days were spent on the beach getting a sun tan in our Speedos. Well, not really. Half our crew flew back to LA to skate, while some stayed behind for a few days to relax on the beach and spend some time with their ladies. There is always a good time to be had with the éS team, and there will be plenty more good times ahead (maybe we'll be visiting a neighborhood near you in the future).

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Team Report 2-2-04

Koston, Penny, McCrank going to Globe World Cup. Rodrigo filming in Brazil for 411. P.J. still freezing. Eldridge buying house with Scuba.

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New Team Rider Photos and Movies

Word. We just put a bunch of new photos and Quicktime movies of all of our éS team riders in the Team section here on the éS website.

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