Team Report 03-01-04

Posted March 9, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston is on a road trip throughout Georgia and Florida with Rick McCrank, Justin Eldridge and Rodrigo Teixeira, filming for the upcoming éS video. For those of you who live in Atlanta and Miami, expect random éS team sightings for a few days.

Tom Penny is visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina with his newborn son Nico and family. He brought along his board to skate the infamous spots down there, and will hopefully get to session harassment-free. Tom entered the Globe World Cup, as well, but was injured during practice in a high-speed collision with someone who wasn't even skating in the contest. Needless to say, Tom was upset about the injury, as this would have been his first pro contest in over five years. He's okay now, though, and back on board.

Rick McCrank took 2nd place at the Globe World Cup?again! $10,000 richer and in need of an Australian vacation, Rick stayed in Melbourne for an additional ten days with his daughter Kalea and girlfriend Michelle. Look for Rick on the éS Headin? South road trip, as well! Rick was also the recent recipient of a brand new Fender American Deluxe Telecaster and a '65 Deluxe Reverb amp, courtesy of éS' friends at Fender. Between Australia and the recent filming trip and the Tampa Pro contest, Rick doesn't even know he got the guitar yet! He'll be home soon and rocking not too long after that!

Rodrigo Teixeira has been stretching that knee and getting prepared for the éS Headin? South road trip. It?s been quite some time since Rodrigo?s last trip with éS, and he says he's looking forward to hanging with the boys again.

P.J. Ladd is still in San Diego hanging out with Ryan Gallant and skating... perfect.

Justin Eldridge still hasn't bought a house with Scuba Steve, but the two will be Headin? South on the road together.

Cale Nuske won Australia's Skater of the Year award, taking home a cool $5,000, as well as bagging a cover and interview in Slam magazine--not to mention a hot girl for the night. Cale was also given the Most Ingenious Beer Holder Crutch award, as well as the Most Stairs Hobbled On Crutches award. A true champ, ya know? Have you seen his part in the Cliché Bon Appetit video yet? If not, go buy it right now! You'll be glad ya did.

Scuba Steve will be filming and dreaming of buying a house for the next two weeks.

Honorable Mentions: Iowa's Eric Fletcher, for the mad representation he has been giving éS for the past nine months. Word 'em up! Also to Antwon Dixon, aka Big Candy, who's been holding it down for éS in Carson, California. Big Candy's one of éS' young flow guys, and he just got hooked-up with Krew, as well. Good looks, B.C.!


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