McCrank Takes 2nd At Tampa!

Posted March 16, 2004 by éS

éSFootwear's Rick McCrank put the pressure on at the 10th annual Tampa Pro contest over the weekend with some stylish and consistent skateboarding, earning a fine 2nd place finish in the process.

Boasting backside 360 nosegrinds on the fun box ledge, kickflip 5-0s up the Euro gap ledge, stylish tailslides through the quarterpipe corner, 360 flips over the huge pyramid, huge melons to fakie on the quarterpipe and switch k grinds across the pyramid flat bar, Rick kept the pedal to the metal all weekend.

After his incredible runs assembling all of the above and more, Rick stepped up to the podium for a sweet 2nd place trophy and check. A man of few words, Rick was all smiles. After all, his skating had already done all of the talking.

We here at éS would like to congratulate Rick on his excellent performance!


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