Team Report 03-23-04

Posted March 24, 2004 by éS

Rick McCrank took second place at the Tampa Pro contest last week, making it two for two in the contest series this year. He walked away with a mighty good feelin' in his gut, and then he flew home to Vancouver to spend Spring Break with Kalea, his daughter.

Rick visited Tampa with Eric Koston, Justin Eldridge, Rodrigo TX., and Scuba Steve at the end of their Hotlanta to Tampa éScapade. Be sure to check out the full Feature article here on the éS website soon. After returning from that mess in Tampa, Mr. Froston took a minute off and then it was right back to filming. Eric's next éS ad was shot this weekend at Sylmar--you'll have to wait until June to see what trick it was, though! With all the final changes on his K6 complete, Eric's been loving that shoe, and once you see the ad you'll understand why. The K6 will hit shops in June!

Rodrigo TX. is slowly but surely returning from that knee injury that slowed him down for a while... he's taking good care of himself, though, and is currently hanging out with his good friend Javier Sarmiento. They're planning a trip up to San Francisco this week and you'll be able to hear all about it here next week.

Tom Penny is still down in Buenos Aires, Argentina with his newborn son Nico and family.

P.J. Ladd wants you to know he's sick of the rain and snow on the East Coast. He'll be back hiding out in So Cal shortly.

Cale Nuske called up Tony the éS team manager at about 5:00 a.m. Australian time just to say, "What up?" and that he just bought a huge 48" TV that his homies were playing a fishing game on with PlayStation 2. Oh, Cale happened to be laying next a girl he didn't know whose feet were dirty. Nice one, Cale.

Scuba Steve has been filming to the max lately. His girlfriend says that their first anniversary is coming up, so if you see Scuba out in public, give him a pat on the back or a flower arrangement to congratulate him. Most skateboarders / team managers / team riders have a hard time keeping their relationships up because of all the travel, money and fame...and you know how famous Scuba Steve is.


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