Team Report 03-29-04

Posted March 30, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston went up against ex-éS team rider Chad Muska this weekend in the Nine Stair at Nine Star Challenge. Nine Star skate shop graciously hosted this mega contest, which was so extreme that the KROQ van was there, blasting all your favorite -metal and pop rock hits. We asked them to turn their crap down and, surprisingly, they did. After Muska broke seven boards, the Challenge pretty much just turned into a demo. Good thing for Muska, because Koston is our resident X Games gold medalist, and he'll take anyone out (to dinner, that is).

Rodrigo Teixeira, Justin Eldridge and Javier Sarmiento showed up to support Eric and éS. After the event, Rodrigo and Javi visited the famous Santa Monica Courthouse for a heavy manual session on the three foot high manual pad, while Justin left to film for the next éS video with his good friend Curtis.

This Saturday, April 3, is Nicolas Penny's first birthday! Congrats to little Nico and to the proud parents, Tom and Veronica!

Cale Nuske is currently enjoying his 48' monster TV more than anything. He better be, as he'll be nursing a "sore" knee for a few more months to come. Look for Cale back in the States with the éS team sometime this Summer.

Scuba Steve has decided to buy a condo on his own and is now the proud owner of a Honda EU2000 generator. Only the best for this éS filmer'

Honorable Mention: Matt, Arty and Don the sign guy from Coliseum, for their very liberating outlook on skateboarding, shoe sales and Candy Castle; Tim at Pit Crew for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for the éS website; and Aaron at Krudco for his nine years of support and appreciation toward the éS family. Look for interviews with all of these shops coming soon right here on the éS website.


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