Team Report 04-08-04

Posted April 8, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston filmed with Scuba Steve over the weekend, and got two tricks and a celebrity basketball tournament under his belt. That's right, Eric plays in a league in L.A., which of course means there are some celebs playing, too (you know there are celebreties everywhere in Los Angeles, right?). This weekend it was Marky Mark, media mogul Steve Wasserman, and Ice Cube. Sometimes it's Leo DeCaprio and... ah, we'll stop the name dropping there. But you can't stop the Frosty!

Tom Penny will soon be going home to England, where he will get his Visa paperwork together to get back into the good ol? US of A soon so he can continue filming for his part in the upcoming éS video. Speaking of which, be sure to look out for our ?Name the éS Video contest? right here at éS Footwear dot com in May!

Another ripper who's been filming for that video is Rick McCrank, who has been spotted throughout the streets of Vancouver, getting clips of footie here and there. He will also be participating in the éS signing and demo at Cal?s Pharmacy in Portland, Oregon on April 28. Rick will be there along with new éS shoe sensation Rodrigo Teixeira, who filmed a few tricks this weekend, as well, and finally earned his California driver?s license on Friday. He's very excited about that, so look out, So Cal, TX. is behind the wheel now!

P.J. Ladd has been enjoying the last month of skating in his freezing cold Fiercely Fabulous Flatground Fun Facility warehouse in Boston, practicing for the éS filming excursions coming up this Summer?not to mention the X Games. As of May first, the FFFFF warehouse will become a store front for some other business, so P.J. will be looking for a new place to skate and destroy.

More filming? That's right! Justin Eldridge pretty much just filmed all last weekend. He?s been taking the tech to the rails?betcha can't wait to see his next video part in...that?s right, the next éS video!

Meanwhile, back in late Summer in Australia, Cale Nuske has been going to physical therapy to get his knee back into shape. He has been feeling a bit better, and, upon receiving his last shoe package from éS, Cale got the urge to skate more than ever. If you haven't been blessed with seeing Cale skate yet, go get the new Cliché Bon Apetit video right now and get ready to be very impressed.

Scuba Steve is apparently a few hundred thousand dollars short of buying his dream condo and is now accepting donations. To help Scuba out, please send all of your money to: Scuba?s Dream Condo, 555 N Money DR, Peeinacan, CA 92112.

Honorable Mention: To all skateboarders? girlfriends, for putting up with their gnar-dog travel schedules, filming missions and crazy skate hours.


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