Team Report 04-14-04

Posted April 14, 2004 by éS

This week finds Eric Koston working with man-of-many-hats Spike Jonze, noted artist Andy Mueller and filmer/director Ty Evans to film and photograph for the new Fourstar ad campaign. P.J. Ladd flew out for the brainstorming sessions, as well as Brian Anderson and longtime Fourstar riders Max Schaaf and Mark Gonzales. I can't tell you exactly what they're doing or why they're filming, you'll just have to wait and see. P.J.'s been showing off his new hip-hop look on this visit. We know, because we saw him on X Games gold medalist Koston's couch Tuesday morning, sacked out after skating all day and night for that Fourstar shoot.

Tom Penny is missing again: if you see him, please have him call us!

Rick McCrank is preparing for a little road trip from Vancouver, BC to Portland, Oregon to meet up with Eric Koston, Rodrigo TX., P.J. Ladd, Justin Eldridge and Scuba Steve for a signing and demo at Cal's Pharmacy on April 28. The weather in Vancouver is starting to warm up a little, so Rick's been getting in a bit of skating, too, on the fine streets of lovely Van.

Rodrigo Teixeira is in Miami, Florida this week, with Gino Iannucci, Forest Kirby, Giovanni Reda (famed photographer and recent addition to the TransWorld Skateboarding roster) and former éS team rider Mike Taylor, shooting photos for a TransWorld article.

Justin Eldridge recently spent a few days up in San Louis Obispo, California (on the central coast) to check out some local spots. He talked éS Team Manager Tony Evjenth and éS flow rider Justin Schulte into making the three-hour drive up with promises of mega skate spots. After arriving and talking to Eldridge, Tony and Justin Schulte quickly realized that there actually weren't very many good spots after all, and that Eldridge's primary mission up in this neck of the woods was simply to enjoy some rest, relaxation and fine dining.

After riding a local skatepark, the boys waited until nightfall to hit-up the only known local spot'a nice ledge. After lighting the place up and skating a few minutes, the cops arrived and announced that it would be in the skaters' best interest to mosey on out of town. Nice six-hour drive for a couple of ten-minute sessions!

Cale Nuske will be visiting California in May to relax, hang out with friends and hit on California girls. Apparently, the Australian chicks are getting kind of stale for Cale, since, instead of skating, he has been an avid participant in physical therapy and fishing.

Scuba Steve would like you to know that he's looking for a new helicopter to help speed up his travels around the LA area. As a matter of fact, Steve will be totally avoiding all ground traffic from now on. The only thing he'll need to worry about is LA air traffic, which is usually just as bad as ground traffic, anyway.

Honorable Mention: Benny Fairfax of England, for his ultimate smooth style and being a super cool kid. If you ever get a chance to watch him skate, you won't forget his style and his amazing trick list.


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