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May 2004

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éS team will be in Littleton, CO!

The éS team will be in Littleton, Colorado this coming Saturday, June 5th.

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First-Ever Go Skateboarding Day!

Go Skateboarding Day is a special time for anyone and everyone to take a break from everything, get together with family and friends and go skateboarding!

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Team Report 05-25-04

Team returns from Canadian Tour. Penny still in Beunos. P.J. training and competing. Eldridge times two. Cale in the U.S. Scuba buys condo.

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éS Team In Denver!

We've mentioned it before, but all you Denver area skateboarders don't forget that the éS team will be in the Mile High City...

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Game of SKATE @ Active San Dimas!

All of you So Cal éS heads be sure to come out to the éS Game of SKATE at Active Ride Shop in San Dimas tomorrow, Saturday, May 21.

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Pitcrew Video World Premiere!

You just read an interview with Pitcrew skate shop here on the éS website, now check out the World Premiere of their first video called Where I'm From.

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P.J. Ladd Video Editing Contest!

That's right, the YéS crew has been working diligently with the dark men of Flip to get another edit of P.J.'s part completed...and you get to do the work!

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éS Signing At Krudco!

If you're in the Rochester, New York area this coming Tuesday, May 18 at 5:00 p.m., be sure to stop by Krudco for autographs from the one and only éS Team!

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Team Report 05-06-04

Koston's harsh 29th. Penny in Beunos. Cranks at Cal's. Rodrigo back from Slam City. P.J. in San Diego. Justin filming. Cale fishing. Scuba signing.

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Name The Next éS Video!

If you've been reading the éS Team News section, you know we're working on the next éS video. Well, here's your chance to make your mark on history, or at least to tell your friends you did!

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