Team Report 05-06-04

Posted May 6, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston has been busy playing celebrity basketball tournaments with Ice Cube, Ashton Kutcher and a few other TV and movie celebrities. His team is in the championship series of their playoffs right now, and so are the Lakers. Go, Lakers! Frost has also been filming a few basic tricks like nollie noseblunt slides down handrails lately, between hoops, golf (did you see his Slap golf interview?) and the normal day-to-day stuff. Nollie noseblunts are mellow, huh? Damn! Bangin' em out, cuz! Eric celebrated a birthday recently, his harsh 29th, so if you see him on the streets of LA, call him an old man!

Tom Penny has been down in Buenos Aires, Argentina so long that he has decided to move into an apartment with his girlfriend and son, Nico, where he will remain until he gets his U.S. visa. But, with all the good food, sandy white beaches and great skate spots down there, we just may end up moving the whole éS team to Buenos Aires instead.

Rick McCrank just got back from a little road trip from LA to Vancouver, stopping off in Portland for an éS autograph signing at Cal's Pharmacy, as well as a demo at the Department of Skateboarding. Cranks joined the ranks of Rodrigo, Justin Eldridge and special guest Javier Sarmiento for the signing and demo. Look for a full story here soon.

Rodrigo Teixeira flew up to Vancouver for the Slam City Jam contest, where he placed'well, let's just say he made the first cut. Actually, Rodrigo ended up 26th out of 150 skaters. Coming back from a knee surgery, Rodrigo's doing great!

P.J. Ladd has been trying to stay out of trouble recently, skating in San Diego and paying off some skateboarding tickets.

Justin Eldridge ventured north to Portland with Rick, Rodrigo and Javier to join in the signing and demo. He decided to film instead of going to Slam City, which was a good choice, because on Sunday he landed a switch'well, you'll just have to wait for the upcoming éS video to come out next year, compadre.

Cale Nuske has been fishing a bit recently. He has also had the urge to jump back on his board, but doesn't want to take the chance of re-injuring his knee. (Cale, don't worry! You'll be back here before you know it!)

Scuba Steve signed more autographs than the éS team last week at Cal's Pharmacy in Portland. Well, almost as many. Some fanned-out girls loved two specific éS riders (whose names we won't mention), and Scuba caught a special moment between them on film. Shhh, it's a secret, eh?

Honorable Mention: To the three kids who cut school early and took a bus down from Seattle to Portland to see the éS team riders sign and skate the demo. They even bought éS gear from Cal's Pharmacy to wear to the demo. You guys rock!


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