Javier Sarmiento Joins éS

Posted June 2, 2004 by éS

The pride of Spanish skateboarding, Javier Sarmiento, is now a part of the éS team! Although Javi has been part of the éS Europe squad for a while now, his recent escapades left us no choice but to add him to the team! His recent Slap cover, Volcom video part, last year's Can't Stop The Firm part, his recent tours with the éS team, and all the unseen footage we've viewed have made it very clear that Javi's got what it takes! Welcome to the éS team, Javi!

In other euro news, Benny Fairfax has been added to the éS Europe crew, joining Vincent Bressol, Raul Fernandes, Sven Kilchenmann, and more. Benny will be cruising with the éS team on the Europe Capitals Tour this Summer. Stay tuned for more details.


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