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Posted June 15, 2004 by éS

Hey, it's time again for a website update!

Since last time, we've added a whole slew of new things. Since Eric Koston's new shoe just came out, we've got Eric and the K6 featured on the front page. There's also a new interview with Eric, talking about the K6 and more. All the Fall 2004 Footwear is up, too, and it's looking good!

Besides all the usual team news, photos and event news, a new éS Shop interview is up, with our old friend Aaron at Krudco in RochéSter, NY. You should read it--betcha didn't know where the name Krudco came from!

contract shirtSince Doing It Yourself Is_The BéSt Part, we made the Do-It Yourself Contract Face T-Shirt page. The first face you can download is Eric Koston's. Be sure to check in with that page every week as new team faces are added!

The Name The éS Video page is up, and as of this morning, we've had 27,536 suggestions--it's going to be tough for the éS crew to paw through all those! You can offer your own suggestions or look at the most recent fifty suggestions.

The entries for the P.J. Ladd Video Editing Contest are starting to roll in, and some of them are really good. You can download the footage from P.J.'s Really Sorry video part, reorganize it and edit it to music, and send it in. Ten complete P.J. Flip boards are waiting to go out to the winners with some éS shoes--we'll know the results in a month or so.

All this Summer you'll be able to check out the progress on the éS Game of SKATE national amateur series, leading up to the Pro éS Game of SKATE in San Diego in September! Lastly, we've started a Top Five list in the News section, which we'll be adding to regularly with all the team riders' and éS crew's favorites. Only Eric's list is up right now, but it'll grow fast.

Thanks, and stay tuned.


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