Alcatraz Game of SKATE!

Posted June 21, 2004 by éS

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Sunday June 6, 2004

Alcatraz held their first éS Game of SKATE recently, and the weather was perfect! About 100 kids showed up and éS was well represented with lots of shoes and apparel in the crowd!

Jordan Bandula claimed the top spot, winning $165 and a free pair of éS shoes. 2nd place grabbed an éS hoodie and a cap, 3rd place nabbed a bag and a t-shirt and 4th place got a cap. Plenty of éS stickers and posters were handed out and lots of éS ramp tape was put on kids' boards.

All in all, the éS Game of SKATE was another great event put on by the awesome crew at Alcatraz. Thanks to all the kids who showed up.


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