Team Report 06-21-04

Posted June 21, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston had been enjoying watching the Lakers kick some ass for a while, but was crestfallen when they lost to Detroit last week. If you see him around, don't bring up the subject. Ironically, there's an interview with Eric gushing over the Lakers currently on In skate news, Eric has been riding in his new éS K6 shoe, and recently drove all the way to Redlands to skate a handrail at 2:00 a.m., only to get the boot upon arrival. It just hasn't been his week.

Tom Penny has been hanging low in the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, rocking new samples of the upcoming éS Penny 2. It's a mid-top shoe and it's sick.

Rick McCrank has an injured knee, so he has been spending some quality time with his daughter Kalea (who just turned five!) and working at his Anti-Social skate shop in Vancouver, Canada, where he's been sporting samples of his new éS shoe, the Anti-Social. Although this shoe won't be out until sometime in 2005, some of our riders want them on their feet NOW! Rick has also been working on making some music, which may be featured in the upcoming éS video.

Rodrigo Tx. is at home in Sao Paulo, Brazil, skating with his friends and getting some good family time in. If you've ever wondered what it's like skating in Brazil, get 411's issue #64. It features Rodrigo on the cover, a Day in the Life with him, plus an all-around great overview of skating Brazilian style. Those dudes are amazing! Rodrigo's also been busy working on his second éS shoe and designing clothes for éS Apparel.

P.J. Ladd made a trip back to Boston for a few days to visit his family before returning to San Diego to skate with his good friend Ryan Gallant and enjoy the official kick-off of the Summer sun tanning season. If you are in the San Diego area and think you saw someone who looks and skates like P.J., don't worry--it was probably just an alien.

Justin Eldridge loves it out in Saugus, California (about an hour from LA), so he's been skating out there with his friends, making occasional trips to the Valley to skate with the éS guys or his teammates on Chocolate. Just wait until you see what he's been filming for the upcoming éS video. It's pretty dang good if I do say so myself. Justin recently bought one of those mini-crotch rocket motorcycles and has been clocked cruising at speeds in excess of 40 mph down his street. I should also mention that Justin loves sushi.

Cale Nuske was recently spotted nerding out with éS team manager Tony E. at Tony's apartment. The game of choice? Counter Strike on X-Box. Nothing beats X-Box. Cale just flew back home to Adelaide, Australia, where he has been relaxing and fishing with the ICCC, his fishing crew. I can't tell you exactly what ICCC stands for, but the word 'carp' is involved.

Scuba Steve is on a weekly budget of $75 since he bought his new condo. If you see Steve, loan him some cash so he can eat more than canned soup and bread. I treat him to the occasional sandwich when he visits the éS offices. I'm a good friend.

Most of the éS team will be headed to Europe for five stops on the Capitals Tour. They'll be landing in Amsterdam, Brussels, Basel, Rome and London in mid-July. More details and information are available here on the éS site.

The entries are rolling in for the P.J. Ladd Video Editing Contest. Have you sent yours in yet? Stop lagging and start editing!

If you live anywhere near Chicago, Virginia Beach, New York, Boston, Philly, Tampa or Denver, be sure to check out the éS Game of SKATE schedule for more details about the national series, and hone those flatground skills. Anyone can enter! Remember, having fun is the best part of skateboarding

Honorable Mention: All the Denver éS fans! Thanks for showing up to our big Zumiez demo!

More Honorable Mentions: Eight-year-old Nyjah Huston, who has been throwing himself down twelve-stair handrails. Feebles, back lips and back Smith grinds on a rail that is almost as tall as he is! Nyjah, you are amazing! Keep up the good work! Much respect to Ademi and Ahbi Huston, as well!


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