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July 2004

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éS VP of Mktg. Don Brown's Top 5 Favorite Things To Do While Drunk

  1. Get arrested
  2. Run from the law/avoid Dustin Dollin and Dave Duncan
  3. Lose his memory
  4. Drink more
  5. Jump in the bushes

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Game of SKATE In The High Desert!

This coming weekend, the éS Game of SKATE is coming back to Southern California!

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éS Intl. Mktg. Assistant Brooke Pedersen's Current Top 5 Bands

  1. Mates of State
  2. The Shins
  3. The Who
  4. Todd Rundgren
  5. My Bloody Valentine

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Ask the éS Team!

If you have a good question for one of the éS team riders, go ahead and fire away!

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éS Team Manager Tony E.'s Top 5 Favorite Tricks

  1. The elusive backflip
  2. Manual
  3. Hanging up on switch manuals
  4. Nollie
  5. Ollieing down stairs

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Scuba Steve's Top 5 Ledges to Switch Crooks

  1. South Park, Montreal
  2. Newbury Park Park
  3. Shirley Ave. School
  4. Walter Reed
  5. Shorty's Park

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éS Capitals Tour Raging In Europe!

The éS Capitals Tour is currently making its way through the old world. Catch it while you can in a town near you!

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Koston 360 Flip

Download, extract, install and enjoy!

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Cale Nuske's Top 5 Australian Phrases We Don't Understand

  1. Nice pouch. (You're hot.)
  2. There's heaps of spots out here. (Spots for days.)
  3. Toot the horn. (Honk the horn. We don't toot around here.)
  4. Can I have a chewy? (Got any gum?)
  5. Pop the boot. (Open the trunk.)

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Game of SKATE at Skatepark of Tampa!

This weekend, we're hosting a Game Of SKATE at the world famous Skatepark of Tampa!

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