Game of SKATE in New York City!

Posted July 7, 2004 by éS

The éS Game of SKATE is coming to the East Coast this weekend! On Saturday, July 10, Autumn skate shop is hosting an éS Game of SKATE at the TF in Tompkins Square Park at 3:00 p.m. You can sign-up now at Autumn. On Sunday, Boston's Coliseum skate shop is hosting the éS Game of SKATE at their Melrose store, and you can sign-up there this week. We want to remind everyone that the Game of SKATE is open to everyone except pros, so you won't be skating against any professional skateboarders unless you win and fly to California in September. So come out, play SKATE, have fun, and support the shops that support skateboarding!

Over the 4th of July weekend, éS was in Denver, Colorado, with the Game of SKATE. The Downtown Denver Park was the location, and forty-eight skaters battled it out for the top spot as about 150 spectators cheered and offered their support. In the end, éS flow rider Dave Davis, who definitely thrives under pressure, took 1st place and a spot in the éS Game of SKATE Amateur National Championships in San Diego on September 11. Check out the details and info about future Games of SKATE.


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