Team Report 07-07-04

Posted July 7, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston is the inventor of many exquisite tricks, and an outstanding role model for modern day skateboarding. If you've ever peeked into Eric's other bag of tricks, you may not be too surprised at how well he can do the McSqueeb, boneless one variations and even the old method air with style and grace. Damn! He's my idol! Try to sneak into Eric's inauguration into the 'Nearly Hollywood Walk of Fame', as 118 Skateshop gives him an honorary star on the sidewalk out in front of its Hollywood Blvd. location this Saturday at 6:00 p.m. Eric has also been skating lots of schools in the Valley and continues to work on his upcoming éS video part. Have you suggested your name for the éS video yet? If not, you must be the only one.

Rick McCrank has been taking it easy with a sore knee recently, and catching up on playing guitar. Did you know that Rick is a man of many talents? Yep, he makes really good music, and you'll be hearing some of it in the upcoming éS video--maybe even in his part (or Scuba Steve's).

Rodrigo TX. has been working on éS shoe designs, as well as designing some apparel products. Some common Brazilian items that were not included on his list were the male thong, tan-through T-shirts and a beach towel line. He will, however, be designing some rasta colorways for éS jackets and sweatshirts. If you haven't already, check Rodrigo's recent ad in the new Skateboard Mag. He will be traveling with Eric, Tom, P.J., Javier, Benny, and éS flow shredder Bobby Worrest on the Capitals Tour throughout Europe later this month!

P.J. Ladd recently met up with Scuba Steve in sunny San Diego, where they enjoyed a lovely July 4th holiday together, filming some flatground and ledge lines around local spots. Rumor has it that P.J.'s legendary Fiercely Fabulous Flatground Fun Facility back in Boston may have closed its doors for good.

Justin Eldridge has been chillin' down in San Diego, as well, visiting his girlfriend and playing games of SKATE with her drunk neighbors. And of course, Justin is always hungry for skateboarding, so he's been getting in the Valley sessions occasionally, as well.

Cale Nuske has been enjoying his time fishing with the ICCC back in Adelaide, Australia. Look for him with the éS team in September during their second annual Game of SKATE at the ASR trade show in San Diego.

Seeing as how Scuba Steve usually just walks into the éS Team office like he owns it, we hung up a couple of 'Please Knock First' signs on the door. Since that didn't work, we are installing a doorbell for Scuba to ring next time he comes around. If that doesn't solve the problem, we're hiring security. Scuba's visits to the éS offices have become legendary, since he walks out with so much stuff, he's got to make three or four trips to his car...


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