Team Report 07-13-04

Posted July 13, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame over the weekend! Well, almost. 118 Boardshop in Los Angeles painted a star honoring Koston in the middle of their Hollywood store. Also inducted into the 118 Walk of Fame during the special celebration were none other than Steve Berra and Jim Greco.

In other Froston news, you should go eat at Dominic's, a new restaurant located in West Hollywood that Eric has invested in. Also invested in Dominic's is famed skate photographer Atiba Jefferson of The Skateboard Mag. Good eats forever, now.

Tom Penny will be meeting the éS team in Holland in a few short days, skating on the éS Capitals tour from July 17-25. Also on that tour will be Rodrigo TX. who went to see Mobb Deep live at the Universal Amphitheatre on Sunday evening. In case you didn't know, TX. is a huge Mobb fan. Although it took them four hours to get on stage, Rodrigo said it was worth the wait. Sounds like most skate demos--always late, but worth the wait.

P.J. Ladd is prepping up to get down on the éS Capitals tour. Eric Koston, Tom Penny, Rodrigo TX., Javier Sarmiento and éS flow dude Bobby Worrest will be dominating the European countryside from July 17-25. P.J. will join them in Rotterdam, Holland on July 17; Brussels, Belgium on July 18; Basel, Switzerland on July 21; Rome, Italy on July 23 and London, England on July 25. Look out, Europe!

Justin Eldridge has been on the Chocolate Canada Tour. Check out for more info'

Scuba Steve is not loving the fact he is now a home owner, the downfalls of which are paying bills and having no money left over to eat. Scuba is looking forward to going this Euro trip, though, for the free food for days.

Honorable Mention: To any and all skate shops in silly old New England beginning with the letter C that boast a beautiful storefront location in Melrose, Massachusetts.You don't know who you are.


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