Hot (News) Flashes!

Posted August 3, 2004 by éS

The Ask The éS Team page has been getting a ton of questions, and the team guys are starting to get to them, but a bunch of your questions can be answered with a quick look at the Team bios and interviews. We also got a zillion questions about P.J. Ladd's upcoming pro model shoe, so we thought we'd address that and a few other very popular questions right here in the News section. P.J. Ladd's colorways of the Accel and Accel Plus will hit stores just in time for Christmas, so be sure to put them on your Holiday wish list. P.J. has also been working on shoe designs, so watch for a P.J. Ladd signature shoe in late 2005.

The éS video is not yet named, so if you haven't entered your suggestion, be sure to do it soon. The video will drop in June 2005 with a premiere near you, no matter where you are! Well, almost no matter where you are.

Everyone on the team received a question about when they were coming to Poland. Although there are no plans currently, everyone is actually excited about visiting Poland, so that just might be a possibility in the next year or so.

The Penny 2 was also a popular subject in the questions for Tom Penny. And since Tom is currently skating with Rodrigo Tx., Javier Sarmiento, Justin Eldridge and filmer Mike Manzoori in Spain, we thought we'd tell you that the Penny 2 hits stores this coming October! Watch for it here on the éS site soon.

And finally, there have been a bunch of questions about the Game of SKATE. We've just finalized the last regional game, in the Chicagoland area, for August 21. It looks like it will be on a basketball court at Newton Park, if all goes well. Chicago is a tough place to hold an event in the Summer! Watch for details on the Game of SKATE page soon. And don't forget that the pro Game of SKATE is coming to the ASR trade show in San Diego this September 11. The list of invited skaters and all the info will be up this week on that same Game of SKATE page, but remember the date—the Game of SKATE is open to the public, so make plans to be there!


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