Koston Ushers In New Era!

Posted August 9, 2004 by éS

This past weekend’s X Games in Los Angeles signified an important progression in the way skateboarding contests are held. Not only did éS team rider Eric Koston lead the way for making a so-called “street” contest legit, but then he ripped through the Finals into a very respectable 5th place finish with what announcer Dave Duncan called “video tricks” meaning tricks that are usually only seen in skateboarding videos.

The contest was held on a course that consisted of a set of nine stairs, two nine-stair handrails, a wheelchair ramp gap, a four-flat-four with a long rail, a bump to jersey barrier, and concrete ledges and benches everywhere. As Eric said in a live TV interview, “The bar has been raised. This is what skateboarding contests should be like.”

Koston has long been considered the best street skater in the world, the “Tony Hawk” of street skating, and he’s using his position as an industry leader to institute changes that make a difference for everyone. Street skaters have been trying to get this kind of course for contests for years, and Eric’s pushing helped it go through this year, finally. Thanks and congratulations on behalf of skateboarders everywhere, Eric.

All you skateboarders in the Los Angeles area, be sure to come visit Eric tonight, on Monday, August 9, at 9Star in west L.A. He will be signing éS posters and will have some éS stuff to give away, along with his Girl Skateboards teammate and X Games gold medal winner, Paul Rodriguez, at 6:00 p.m.

9Star is located at Olympic and Sepulveda, right off the 405, in West L.A. For more information, call (310) 477-3999.


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