Chicago Game of SKATE This Weekend!

Posted August 16, 2004 by éS

After four tries to nail down a spot to hold the éS Game of SKATE in Chicago, we've finally found a community friendly to skateboarders. Glen Ellyn's Newton Park will be the host of the Chicago Game of SKATE, this Saturday at 1:00 p.m.

éS Team Manager Tony E. and Team Assistant Jeff Henderson will be on hand to run the Game. The winner of this one qualifies for the Amateur National Championships for the éS Game of SKATE in San Diego, on September 11, 2004. That winner will then be the Wild Card entry into Eric Koston's éS Game of SKATE and compete against the pros.

Even though we've had a hard time finding a spot, all of the shop owners have been very cooperative, and sign-up sheets are out now at all of your favorite Chicago area skate shops: RQ, FA, BBT, Uprise, and Skate Shack, as well as Phase II up North. Be part of something special, and sign-up now--it's free to enter, everyone is welcome and it's a lot of fun! See you in Chicago!


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