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Posted August 18, 2004 by éS

We got a bunch of phone calls today about P.J. Ladd. Apparently, the latest rumor is that P.J. quit skateboarding. Well, that's news to us, and to all the kids in San Diego who P.J. skates with. Actually, it's just not true—P.J. is skating a lot. For all you kids asking about the P.J. Ladd video editing contest, it's now officially over, and with over 500 entrants, it took a long time to get through all of the videos.

Some of them were so funny! Some kids who couldn't figure out how to digitize the parts from a DVD actually filmed the TV to get it into their camera. Talk about a remix! Anyway, we're down to the nitty-gritty, and should have the winners very soon, so stay tuned.

Oh, and one more P.J. thing: One of the questions that P.J.'s "Ask the éS Team" page gets a lot is, "What's a hardflip?" So, to avoid P.J. or anyone else having to answer that question 22 times, we're answering it for him. A hardflip is a kickflip frontside varial. For reference, see P.J. Ladd, Ryan Gallant, Mike Carroll or Bryan Herman. Be wary of the illusion flip, though, which is a frontside pop shove-it with the nose of the board up between your legs.

If you haven't checked the éS Game of SKATE page recently, you need to! The list for Eric Koston's Game of SKATE in San Diego is up! All of you éS heads in Southern California and Arizona better make plans now to come check it out. It's free and open to the public. See you there!


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