Koston In The Crossfire!

Posted August 23, 2004 by éS

During the recent éS Capitals Tour, Eric and the boys enjoyed a nice visit in cheery London, where they met up with Zac from Crossfire. Eric did a great interview for their site, Caught In The Crossfire, and shot a little video intro for a K6 shoe giveaway they're doing. Check out some free shoes, Eric's interview, and all the other stuff in their skate zine section. Good stuff. Thanks, Zac!

Speaking of Eric, be sure to mark October 5 on your calendars. That's the day that Tony Hawk's Underground 2 comes out, and we'll be giving away free copies of it right here on the éS site during the second half of September / early October. Eric's got a lot of new funny and exciting stuff coming your way! Pizza Boy, watch out!


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