Val Surf & Skatelab Host Final Amateur Game of SKATE This Saturday!

Posted August 25, 2004 by éS

This Saturday at noon, your final chance to qualify for the Amateur National Championships of the éS Game of SKATE will be held at Skatelab in Simi Valley, California. Val Surf, the world's first skateboard shop, is hosting the event in conjunction with Skatelab, an amazing skatepark with the finest display of skateboarding memorabilia anywhere.

The Game starts at noon. If you haven't signed up, you can do so now at Val Surf or Skatelab, or if you arrive Saturday before noon, you'll be assured a spot. If you arrive after twelve o'clock, the Game might fill up, so come early. As always, the éS Game of SKATE is free to enter and lots of fun. The winner takes home a trip to Woodward, three pairs of éS shoes, T-shirts and more, and the top eight skaters will take home prizes, as well. See you there! Remember: It’s this Saturday at noon. Call (818) 769-3060 for more information.


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