Team Report 09-16-04

Posted September 16, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston, Rodrigo Tx., P.J. Ladd, and Javier Sarmiento went head-to-head against dozens of other invited pros in the éS Game of SKATE this past Saturday, September 11, at the ASR trade show in San Diego, California. All the boys cruised through the competition and ended up competing against not only each other, but also other rippers, in amazing matches like Javier vs. P.J. and Eric vs. Jamie Thomas.

The final four were P.J., Javier, Eric, and Chris Haslam. After Eric took out Chris and P.J. took out Javi, in what many claimed was the highlight game of the day, the two finalists ended up being Eric vs. P.J. Ladd--a dream match if there ever was one.P.J. nabbed Eric's $10,000 on the same trick Eric lost to Paul Rodriguez on last year--a nollie half-Cab kickflip. Sorry, Eric, but yet another éS team rider takes your cash! Congratulations and thanks to P.J. for showing up, skating, winning and stoking everyone out. Will Eric ever win his namesake event? Only time will tell.

Koston has also been sporting a new mohawk, which he received on the second annual Thrasher King of the Road Tour in August. Apparently, shaving their hair into mohawks was one of the requirements of the trip. Read all about it in an upcoming issue of Thrasher.

Tom Penny is back in his temporary hometown of Huntington Beach for a few months to film, shoot photos and spend some quality time with his son, Nico.

P.J. Ladd has been hanging in his new hometown of Carlsbad with fellow éS team rider Justin Eldridge, skating with the homies and doing a bit of filming for the upcoming éS video. Justin was even spotted camping on the beaches of San Diego during his own little "Trife Life Tour" (and losing his tent in the process). If you saw a guy that looked like Justin Eldridge sleeping in a truck with his friends Josh and Dave, it probably was.

éS Team Manager Tony E. came to Justin's rescue by giving him a new tent to use for the time being. Why was Justin camping, you may ask? "Because it's fun and cheaper than renting a hotel room for a week in San Diego," he commented.

Cale Nuske arrived in SoCal all the way from Australia just in time for the ASR trade show and Eric Koston's éS Game Of SKATE. He has befriended (and been spending plenty of quality time with) Tony E.'s couch--good thing, too, since that's going to be his home for the next couple of months.


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