Team Report 09-24-04

Posted September 24, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston is in Australia with the Girl team for the next two weeks, doing some demos and filming for the next éS video. Sounds like fun! He'll be coming back on a flight direct from Australia to LAX, then jumping into a car headed straight to Lake Forest for the Goofy vs. Regular contest at the Skatepark of Lake Forest on October 8-10.

People, don't miss this contest, it's going to be phenomenal! It will feature all your favorite éS riders (yes, including Eric Koston and P.J. Ladd) and 40 of your favorite pros split into two teams (one Goofy, one Regular) and held like a normal contest, except the 1st place prize money will be split up among the winning team. Eric and the rest of the éS team will then be heading for the East Coast to film and do a couple of low-key autograph sessions.

Tom Penny is livin' cozy in his new apartment down in Newport Beach, California. He has been trying to get some filming done with Mr. Mike Manzoori as of late. Tom will be living in the US of A for a few months, skating and hanging out with family, then he'll be headed back to Europe.

Rodrigo Tx. is in Brazil visiting family and friends for a few weeks until the GvR, then he'll be in ripping mode for the $20,000 1st place prize, and will make the trip to the east coast for a filming mission and a few key Fridays with éS signings.

P.J. Ladd has put that $10,000 check from winning Eric Koston's éS Game of SKATE two weeks ago into a savings account, where it should be. Save your money, kids. Don't spend it on gold and rims.

Justin Eldridge is still looking for a crib in the Valley near Scuba, so if you see a house for sale, let him know. Justin will also be ripping in the GvR contest on October 8-10, so be there for it!

Cale Nuske is back on his board again after being off for a few months. Cale has been building back his skills slowly, skating flatground and benches with Scuba Steve and Justin Eldridge.

Javier Sarmiento is home in Spain after coming out to the States for a few weeks to ride in the éS Game of SKATE. Look for Javier also attending the GvR in October, and watch for some amazing footage from Javi's recent filming missions with Tom and Rodrigo!

As always, the team will be filming for the upcoming éS video, as well!

Honorable Mention: To Constance Constance of Coliseum Skateshop for keeping it, well, constant.


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