Just Added! éS Game of SKATE at GvR Contest!

Posted September 28, 2004 by éS

It's just been finalized! We will be holding an all-ages amateur éS Game of SKATE on Saturday morning, October 9, at the Goofy vs. Regular contest at the Skatepark of Lake Forest. Registration will start at 10:00 a.m., and the Game of SKATE will start at 10:30. This Game will be open to everyone except pro skateboarders, and we will limit the number of entrants, so come on down early and sign up. There will be tons of prizes, free éS giveaways all day long, and we'll even have an éS basketball hoop set up so Eric Koston, Cale Nuske and Justin Eldrdige can beat you at HORSE and at SKATE! See you in Lake Forest, California on Saturday, October 9!


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