Team Report 09-30-04

Posted September 30, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston has been in Australia with the Girl team for the last week, doing some demos and filming for the next éS video. This time, the Girl tour will even take them over to Perthon Australia's West Coast! From there, Eric will take a red-eye flight to Sydney, do a little plane-hopping and settle in for a long 15-hour flight home to Los Angeles.

If you've ever spent 24 hours straight in a cramped airplane and then tried to do anything creative or productive, you might start to understand why some pro skaters complain about their travel schedules. But not Eric! In fact, Eric will be landing, heading home to grab his car, and drive straight to Lake Forest for the Goofy vs. Regular contest at the Skatepark of Lake Forest on Sunday, October 10. Eric's already been seeded into the top five automatic entries for the Skateboard Mag's Goofy Team.

In case you've somehow missed the ads in both Skateboarder and The Skateboard Mag, those two magazines are sponsoring the two teams. Skateboarder's got Regular, with guys like Chris Senn, Andrew Reynolds, Tony Trujillo, Bryan Herman, P.J. Ladd, and more competing for the left foot forward stance. The Skateboard Mag's crew has the Goofy footers, and Koston's got 'em covered, making it back all the way from Oz in time for the finals!

If you're in the Western hemisphere and don't have your plane ticket, hotel room, and plans all ready set, what are you waiting for? The prize money will be split up among the winning team, so there's a lot at stake, and it's a good chance to see some guys who normally don't enter contests have some fun for the sense of pride about their stance.

And it doesn't stop there! The week after the GvR contest, Eric and the rest of the éS team will then head for the East Coast to film and do a couple of low-key autograph sessions.

Tom Penny is excited about his new éS Penny 2 shoes, which are arriving in stores this October. The first reviews are that the toe box is amazing, the sole is outrageously good, and the support is unmatcheable. Rumors that a Penny 2 low is in the works have been circulating the éS offices, too, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that one soon!

Rick McCrank is a movie star. Yes, that's right, a bona fide actor. We recently caught a glimpse of his cameo acting role in a 20-minute short film called Ethan & Elliott made by his friend, Anti-Social video filmer Ben Wagner. Keep an eye or three out for the film at an art theater (or DVD player) near you.

Rodrigo Tx. is still in Brazil, doing what Brazilians do. He'll be back in the U.S. in time for the GvR party in early October. Rodrigo's buddy Javier Sarmiento is in Spain right now, but is also coming back to the U.S. to attend the GvR contest.

Justin Eldridge will soon embark on the Santa Clarita Tour '04 with fellow True Posse team riders Dave and Josh. This was originally a camping tour that Justin planned, to go skate and camp at the various Valley spots in the North Los Angeles area. The list of towns he's planning on hitting up within the next two months are Saugus, Valencia, Canyon Country, Stevenson Ranch and Newhall, including some very special appearances at a few of the many Los Angeles skate spots. Look for Justin camping somewhere near you soon. And when you see him, tell him to give us back our pup tent.

Cale Nuske might also be included in the Santa Clarita Tour, since he has been livin' the trife Valley life with Scuba Steve since his arrival in September.

Honorable Mention: A special shout-out goes to all the kids displaying éS Footwear logos, shoes, and skate photos on My Space. If you haven't heard of My Space yet, it's an amazing Internet community of skaters, daters and haters all mixed up onto one Web site. You can set up your own individual account, and with a little creativity and computer knowledge, create a personal page for yourself. A few of the kids have even created their own éS tribute sites. Go check em' out right now at the links below!

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