Make Your Own éS Halloween Mask

Posted October 4, 2004 by éS

being a goof is the best part

Halloween! It’s the one holiday each year where you can really let loose and be someone (or something) else, so we here at éS would like to give you the chance to walk around disguised as your favorite éS pro team rider with these éS Contract face Halloween masks!

They're simple to make: Just click on the face you want (which will automatically download a PDF), print it out, cut it out on the dotted line, cut out holes in the eyes, add some tape around the orange dot (to keep the paper from ripping) and cut a hole so you can connect pipe cleaners, a rubber band, shoelaces, or something to keep the mask on your face. Use the Shop Locator to get the newest gear from éS Footwear and Apparel and you'll have the perfect costume to go along with your Contract face mask. For the next 12 months, you'll be able to say "Remember what I was back on Halloween?" Trick or Treat!


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