THUG 2 Featuring Eric Koston Coming Tomorrow!

Posted October 5, 2004 by éS

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 catapults players into an all-out skating blitzkrieg led by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, and éS team rider Eric Koston. The game delivers a hilarious new story mode and a classic mode that features signature Tony Hawk's Pro Skater goals and levels, as well as more customization and moves than the skate gods could dream of.

Conquering sick terrain, wreaking havoc and pulling off mischievous pranks on and off their boards, players are sent on a crazy adventure and challenged to make a variety of international cities their personal stomping grounds. Tony Hawk's Underground 2 picks up where THUG left off, but now players can play as themselves or switch to play as one of over 20 pro teammates and special guest skaters.

Building upon the unparalleled level of customization, gamers can now create their own designs to use as their graffiti tags, shirt logos or deck graphics with the all-new Create-a-Graphic feature, in addition to creating their own skaters, skateparks, tricks and goals. New player controls, both on and off the board, include sticker slaps, slow motion focus control, hilarious tantrums, rideable objects, projectiles and graffiti tagging.

Be sure to check out éS team rider Eric Koston in the newest éS shoes, T-shirts and hats. The game is available for PlayStation2, Xbox , GameCube and Gameboy Advance, and hits stores tomorrow, October 6.


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