Team Report 10-14-04

Posted October 14, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston lost another $10,000 at the big Goofy vs. Regular contest this past weekend, and to top it all off, bruised his heel pretty badly on a nollie backside heelflip down the 11-stair set. The Banz (Bastien Salabanzi) took the $10,000 instead, and helped crown the Regular Footers as the all-mighty kings of the GvR. But, if Eric has anything to do with it, the Goofy Footers will be back next year to get revenge!

Meanwhile, down in San Diego, P.J. Ladd has been skating with his good friend Ryan Gallant, and trying to get together with Scuba Steve to do a little filming, although it hasn't happened yet. One of these days, P.J. will meet up with Scoobs and the rest of the boys to go on a NorCal filming trip, possibly to Sacramento and SF. When? Not too long after he gets back from a filming mission to Philadelphia with Cale Nuske, Justin Eldridge and Tom Penny. The boys are going to hit up Amateur Athlete and spend the weekend filming--sounds like fun!

Aussie Cale Nuske has just made the commitment to ride for éS Apparel, and celebrated by making out with Scuba Steve's girlfriend Paula's friends.How's that for a tongue twister? And yes, Cale is still living the trife Valley life, posting up on Scuba's floor, so you know he'll be happy to stay in a hotel while the boys are in Philly!

Tom Penny been skating with Flip filmer Ewan Bowman and working on shoes, all the while waiting for his new Penny 2 colorways to hit stores this month. His favorite is the Brown / Gum, of course! The Penny 2 will also come in Navy / Leather / White and Black / Suede. Go buy a pair today and wear them to the autograph signing at Amateur Athlete!

Justin Eldridge just got the OK for a home loan, so Scuba Steve will not be the only one living the fresh crib life up in the Valley. Justin will also be making the flight to Philly, and then he'll meet up with some of the éS boys to film in NorCal not long after that!

Up In Vancouver, British Columbia, Rick McCrank has been rolling around, gearing up for some Fall filming missions to all points across the globe. And in Spain and Brazil, Rodrigo Tx. and Javier Sarmiento have been chillin', packing their bags and getting ready to come back to Cali for more filming for the upcoming éS video, tentatively titled YéS!


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