Team Report 10-27-04

Posted October 27, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston has been catching up on some much-needed girlfriend and physical therapy time during his heel bruise-induced vacation from skateboarding. He decided to add System G2 technology to his K6 and K7 shoes, so there's way less chance of this happening again! Eric recently rented some warehouse space in downtown LA, where he and his good friend Steve Berra will be spending a lot of time skating during the upcoming Winter. The warehouse will feature plenty of unique concrete stairs and ledges, as well as the regular TF fare.

P.J. Ladd has been spotted in the éS Footwear Research & Development department, which is regularly visited by éS team riders who are working on their own pro model shoes. (That's a hint, by the way.)

Tom Penny, Justin Eldridge and Cale Nuske just returned from Philadelphia. They were out there to do a signing at Amateur Athlete and film for the upcoming éS video. Although Justin bailed on Thursday to head home a few days earlier than Tom and Cale, he had a good excuse to leave them in Philly: A possible cover shot for The Skateboard Mag. Which trick will he perform while adorning the cover? You’ll find out soon enough.

Ten-year-old éS flow rider Nyjah Huston visited our offices recently with his entire posse in tow, including his three brothers, younger sister and good ol' mom and dad. The lil’ ripper was in town for the Damn Am contest, where he placed a very respectable 4th. Congrats, Nyjah! On Monday night, he tore up the Skatepark of Lake Forest with his clan and éS Team Manager Tony E, who was also subjected to Mom Huston’s delicious home cookin’ inside their massive RV. Thanks go out to Nyjah and the Huston crew for repping éS so hard!


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