Team Report 11-04-04

Posted November 4, 2004 by éS

As most of you already know, Eric Koston is very much into basketball. But, I bet you didn't know he actually plays in a celebrity basketball league. This year, Eric is playing with more famed actors, including Ashton Kutcher and That 70's Show actor Danny Masterson. So, just what is a celebrity league team? They're all based out of LA, and benefit a variety of charities, so you can go watch the celebrities play at the Clippers stadium or Staples Center (depending on the schedule), and proceeds from your ticket will go to a selected charity. This year, Eric will be playing for the Dallas Mavericks. (Last year, he played for the Clippers.) As for his heel, it's doing much better, and Eric estimates he'll be skating again within a few weeks--just in time for basketball season.

Tom Penny got three tricks on film during his recent trip to Philly two weeks ago. He's now back living it up in the surf and sun of Newport Beach, California before he departs back to Europe for a few months for the holidays.

Rodrigo Tx., WHERE ARE YOU? Rumor has it he's in Brazil skating, filming and hanging out with his Brazilian posse before returning to the States to shred the gnar and film with Scuba Steve.

Rick McCrank recently got the thumbs up from his doctor to skate again after healing up from his knee surgery back in August, and P.J. Ladd has recently been filming for the next éS video.

Cale Nuske recently flew back to his native home of Adelaide, Australia to focus on his final physical therapy appointments and get a thumbs up (or down) from his doctor to jump down stairs and handrails again.


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