Team Report 11-09-04

Posted November 10, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston played his first celebrity basketball game of the season yesterday, starting off the Dallas Mavericks with a loss. Well, you can't blame Eric and his team. When the first quarter bell rang, only one third of the Mavericks were accounted for (thanks, Ashton), so it was up to Koston, Justin Timberlake and two others to beat the Lakers celebs, whose entire team showed up! Koston, as you know, is on the injured list, and only expected to throw a few balls down the court that afternoon. Instead, thanks to some no-show "teammates", he was forced to hustle offense AND defense for 45 minutes! The end of the game brought some sorrow to Eric and the Mavericks, as they lost by one point, with a 55-56 end score. After the game, Eric's heel went on ice for a few hours, and his massage machine got plugged back in at home.

Tom Penny wants you to know that his new éS Penny 2 shoes are in stores and patiently waiting for you to go buy them right now!

P.J. Ladd has been spotted skating L.A. spots recently, filming for the YéS video and shooting photos with Atiba Jefferson.

Justin Eldridge got the keys to his new condo on Friday, then skated Saturday and took an Ikea trip on Sunday. Looks like it was a full weekend schedule for Justin!

Cale Nuske is back in Adelaide, Australia continuing rehab on his knee and most likely enjoying a little angling with the Inner City Carp Crew.


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