Team Report 11-24-04

Posted November 24, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston has been back on his board recently and shooting photos for a new éS ad with Atiba Jefferson, as well as skating some random obstacles in his new 12,000 square foot warehouse located somewhere in LA. Eric's NBAE (National Basketball Association Entertainment League) team, the Dallas Mavericks, just lost again, racking up a three-game losing streak. Eric's teammate Justin Timberlake was a no-show on Sunday, and Ashton Kutcher still hasn't showed up for a single game! That's it, Ashton's off the Mavericks, but on Zoo York?! Hmmm.

Rick McCrank got the thumbs up from his doctor to skate again! As you know, he had been out with an injured knee for the last three months, but has been spotted recently skating some Vancouver hot spots again. Rick rides for Nixon watches, who have animated posters all over PlayStation 2's new hit, Killzoned. Cool that it's not just Tony Hawk video games that can be skate branded anymore.

Speaking of thumbs up, Tom Penny joined Heath Kirchart in Austin, Texas this past weekend for Fast Forward's Night of Giving charity at the Austin Mall. They signed autographs and hung out with the kids for an evening. Sounds like fun for the kids. I mean, how often do you get to see Heath and Tom hanging out? I'd say never!

Rodrigo Tx. is still down in Brazil.

P.J. Ladd will be skating in a Flip / Active Ride Shop demo out in Rancho Cucamonga, California for. In fact, this is Flip's first demo in six years. Be there or be square...or rectangle, for that matter.

Justin Eldridge has been spending some quality time with his new condominium out in the Valley. He recently bribed his friends with Chocolate decks and shirts to paint it. Sounds like me. I remember watching my girlfriend paint our apartment while I played video games and ate cheese sandwiches. I hate painting.

Cale Nuske is hoping to return to the US of A soon, as his doctor just recently gave him the thumbs up to start jumping down 30-stair rails again! YEAH! In fact, good ol' doc recommends a regular 15 to 30 stair regimen for all you healthy young bucks.

Javier Sarmiento is over in Spain, getting ready to take a trip to Australia with Volcom Apparel to film for the éS video and take photos for a Thrasher article. Sounds like it'll be a good time!


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