Team Report 12-01-04

Posted December 1, 2004 by éS

Eric Koston has been skating his super-secret skate facility lately, which comes complete with some flat bars, a ghetto launch ramp and a few inventive obstacles that his business partner Steve Berra made from scrap wood, glue, hair and screws. Steve is quite the talented carpenter.

Tom Penny just got on a flight back to France for the holidays to visit his mother, skate some mini-ramps, and meet up with Javier Sarmiento, Rodrigo Tx., and the rest of the éS crew in Spain this January. Speaking of Javi and Rodrigo, have you seen the new Slap mag? There's an amazing Skate Pals with Tom, Javi and Rodrigo that you won't want to miss! Before leaving for Europe, Tom spent his last day in the U.S. at a Flip demo at Active Ride Shop. Actually, the boys got a little time in on the Dagger-built street course before the rain made everything soggy. They kept skating in the rain 'til it wasn't possible anymore, then signed autographs and gave lots of stuff away. Product tosses are the last refuge of professional skateboarders, and the kids all left happy.

Rick McCrank has been keeping busy skating, riding his bike to strengthen his knee, and working on art projects for his AntiSocial skate shop. Rick will be heading out to Barcelona this January with the rest of the éS boys and even some of the AntiSocial crew. We will be so stoked to skate with Rick again. We've missed him.

P.J. Ladd turned up missing at the Flip demo last weekend in Rancho Cucamonga, California. He predicted it would rain at the demo, and didn't show. éS Team Manager Tony E. lost a $20 bet against Flip Team Manager Ewan Bowman that P.J. would appear at the last minute, regardless. Well, he didn't, and Tony is now 20 clams poorer.

Justin Eldridge is a fashion designer! Since he recently joined the éS Apparel program, he has been coming up with great ideas for the Apparel team to work with. From jackets and hats to sweatshirts and T-shirt designs, he could have a solid career in fashion design ahead of him after he retires from skateboarding.

Cale Nuske is on his way back to the U.S. to shoot an éS ad with Atiba Jefferson. He has been out of skating for a while due to a knee injury, but will be coming back strong, as his doctor recently gave him the thumbs up to skate again.

Our little nine-year-old éS flow ripper Nyjah Huston just scored his own six-page article in Thrasher! Scope pages 158-163 of Issue 289 (January 2005) to see plenty of full-page photos of the little man stepping up and destroying rails as big as the Jolly Green Giant. Congratulations, and way to go, Nyjah!


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