Team Report 01-11-05

Posted January 11, 2005 by éS

éS team riders Eric Koston, Rick McCrank, Justin Eldridge and Cale Nuske are in Hong Kong, China right now, skating charted (and uncharted) territory throughout the city. There are many spots that Hong Kong offers to skatebaorders, most of which are incredible. The boys have already filmed some tricks in the few days we've been here, which you will see in the upcoming éS video and an article in The Skateboard Mag. McCrank's knee surgery last August hasn't been holding him back on this trip, either!

We'll be back home on January 19, then éS Team Manager Tony E. will be off to the infamous Tampa Am contest on January 21-23 to watch all the young shred dogs ply their trade. Who will be skating that contest for éS, you ask? Amateurs Bobby Worrest and Nyjah Huston will be representing for us over there. Live from Hong Kong, Tony E. over and out...

P.S. Have you heard of the new phrase we coined in a recent éS ad? It's heel brusies. That's right, brusies! They're way more fun than bruises--and a lot cuter, too! Straight from our magnificent minds to yours: Brusies! Pass it on...


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