Team Report 01-17-05

Posted January 17, 2005 by éS

We held a surprise birthday party for éS Footwear over the weekend at the Action Sports Retailer trade show. Featuring a DJ, drinks, party favors and not one but two cakes, the celebration went off, and the brand sure was surprised at the throngs that showed up to drink the alcohol, I mean to pay their respects and wish it a happy 10th. A more elaborate éS birthday party at a venue in Los Angeles may be in the planning stages for later this year. Speaking of birthdays, if you see Rick McCrank, P.J. Ladd or Justin Eldridge this week, wish them a happy birthday, as well.

Sadly, Friday was the last day of our Hong Kong trip. I gotta say that out of any tour we've been on, this has been the most eventful one yet. Filming and photos were clocked with ease in Hong Kong, and there are just way too many spots there to list on one page. With China just a 45-minute train ride away, there could be another 30 + spots to hit up on a return trip. Eric Koston, Rick McCrank, Justin Eldridge and Cale Nuske have been getting a lot done for the upcoming éS video. I'm not going to go into detail about the tricks and lines--you'll just have to wait for the video to come out. Let's just say that this is the beginning of many amazing filming sessions that will go down worldwide with the éS team this year. Maybe we'lll go back to China with Tom Penny, Rodrigo Tx. and Javier Sarmiento for another trip soon.

With Brian S., Warren, Nigel and Darryl at our sides, we got many laughs, many sessions, and many Mongkok / VL shopping sessions under our belts. Brian S. is off the charts—from his dope apparel line knowledge to his amazing 852 skate shop and his off-the-charts humor, he's been our best tour guide yet. Also, a shout out to éS distributor Evergreen for generously letting us raid the crap out of his shop.

Speaking of Eric Koston, which we haven't since the first paragraph, is that really him pushing a frontal invert in a full pipe on the cover of the latest TransWorld Skateboarding (March 2005)? The Tooth Fairy said that it is.


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