Team Report 01-31-05

Posted January 31, 2005 by éS

Eric Koston has been invited to the World Cup contest in Melbourne, Australia on February 11-13. Sounds like it'll be an eventful, uh, event. The course looks pretty gnarly, dudes, and if you get an urge to check it out, please do so. Isn't that a neat-o rotating 3-D graphic? In fact, it's so neat, you should make one just like it of your room.

Rick McCrank has been getting back on his boardskate to get prepped-up for the Globe World Cup, as well. Rick will be heading to Australia with fellow éS team riders Rodrigo Tx., Cale Nuske, Javier Sarmiento, and filmer Jon Miner. Oh, and let's not forget éS Team Mom, Tony E.

You know who rips? Nyjah Huston rips. He's so good. In fact, as we reported last week, he earned 1st place at the infamous Tampa Am contest--beating out dozens of other hopefuls. Although he is just 10 years old, he has easily earned the nickname "Little Big Man" with respect. Look out, Sheckler! Here comes Nyjah.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of shoes, which we weren't, get off this computer right now and skate on over to your nearest skate shop to buy a pair of the P.J. Ladd colorway Accel and Accel Plus shoes. They're, like, totally bitchin'. Just to prove that, there's even a capital B embossed on the side of the shoe. Just kidding. Actually, that big ol' B stands for Boston, P.J.'s hometown.


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