Team Report 02-08-05

Posted February 8, 2005 by éS

Eric Koston may or may mot make it down to the World Cup contest in beautiful Melbourne, Australia this coming weekend. There's something about a twisted ankle that can hold you back from ripping. On the other hand, Rick McCrank, Tom Penny, Cale Nuske, filmer Jon Miner and Skateboarder magazine photographer Brian Gaberman will be joining the ranks of the éS crew in Australia for the contest, and a little city ripping afterward. Oh, Team Mom Tony E. will be in attendance, as well

Justin Eldridge will be hanging out with P.J. Ladd and Rodrigo Tx., filming with Scuba Steve throughout the streets of LA.

éS Flow World

Meanwhile, in the secret realms of éS Flow World, Nyjah Huston has been keeping it real in sunny Woodland, California, shredding some street sessions with his brother, Ahbi. Nyjah won Tampa Am a couple of weeks back!

Bobby Worrest has been keeping warm in Germantown, Maryland with the Pitcrew boys. Bobby entered Tampa Am, as well, but a hot pocket in his ankle slowed him down a bit. Bobby has been feeling the Accel and Accel Plus P.J. Ladd colorways. You don't have them yet? Go buy a pair today!

Antwuan Dixon has been killing it on the weekends out in beautiful Victorville, California. Look out for Antwuan, this kid is coming up!

Justin Schulte had a glamorous night shooting photos for a well-known women's fashion mag with éS team rider Justin Eldridge and some super hot models. Even a lil' skateboarding was on the agenda. Who could say no to an offer like that? "Okay, we want you guys to jump off this loading dock while these really hot girls pose for you!" The Justins got paid for this? Damn!

Mike Barker has been feelin' the love from PopWar. He recently came back from a little Tampa tour with Cairo and the boys. Congrats to Barker on getting on the PopWar program!

A new edition to the éS flow team is Kelly Hart. If you haven't seen this dude skate yet, his flatground skills are off the charts. Try and figure out which way Kelly stands--goofy or regular. (It's tough to decide when you see him skate.) Congratulations, Kelly! We are psyched to have you aboard!


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