P.J. Ladd Video Editing Contest Winners!

Posted February 15, 2005 by éS

As most of you know, P.J. Ladd's now-classic footage in Flip's Really Sorry DVD was not edited to music--thus its title, "Silence is Golden." So, we gave all you kids who have video editing systems a chance to be a budding editor.

First, we asked you to load P.J.'s part from Really Sorry into your computer's editing system, then take the clips and separate them, reorganize them, add whatever music you like that you think goes along with P.J.'s skating, and put it all back together in one all-new, re-edited video part.

Well, we're now finally ready to announce the winners of our P.J. Ladd Video Editing Contest! We received a mountain of entries, so it took us a few months to sort through and watch them all and come up with some winners. Although the first place winner was pretty obvious, there were so many other good, creative ones, it was hard to choose the rest of the Top 10, but we've finally decided.


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