Team Report 02-21-05

Posted February 21, 2005 by éS

Eric Koston just returned from his vacation in Tavarua, Fiji. As you may have noticed on the éS home page, Frost is our featured skater of the month for Feburary. To celebrate, he answered a bunch of questions from you kids in the Ask the éS team section. The Big K also wants you to go out to your nearest skate shop right now and buy a pair of his EK-01 and K6 shoes.

Rick McCrank, Cale Nuske, filmer Jon Miner and Skateboarder magazine photographer Brian Gaberman are still skateboarding and shooting down in Australia. You see, those boys have to work for their paychecks.

I heard a rumor that Justin Eldridge is going to quit skateboarding to become a pro snowboarder. No, just kidding! But if you see Eldridge this week up in Mammoth, be sure to tell him to hit the "jibs" up for us. He's so extreme! Imagine Justin bustin' 1080's for days.

P.J. Ladd, Tom Penny and Rodrigo Tx. have been spotted filming with éS filmer Scuba Steve and Mike Manzoori throughout the streets of LA. Imagine those sessions, eh? When you're finished imagining them, get off this computer and skate on over to your nearest skate shop to buy a pair of the Accel and Accel Plus P.J. Ladd colorway shoes. They’re, like, totally bitchin’. Just to prove that, there’s even a capital B embossed on the side of the shoe. Just kidding. Actually, that big ol’ B stands for Boston, P.J.’s hometown.

éS Flow World

Meanwhile, in éS Flow World, flow rider Nyjah Huston was spotted last week here in the éS offices, packing up some free gear and shredding the streets of Costa Mesa.

After his six-page Skateboarder last week, éS flow rider Bobby Worrest followed it up with another banger: a sweet Check Out in the April 2005 issue of TransWorld Skateboarding. Rumor has it he also has some covie coming out in Slap, Thrasher, The Skateboard Mag and Glamour. Just kidding! He really only had coverage in TransWorld and Skateboarder .

éS flow rider Antwuan Dixon recently made Andrew Reynolds' list of best amateurs out there right now. Congrats, Antwuan! Baker maybe hooking you up next!

éS flow rider Kelly Hart is damned funny. He's been spotted with Scuba in and around the LA area, showing up at spots, killing them and leaving. His skating is quick and to the point.

éS flow rider Mike Barker goes to college. He is smart. Talk to you guys later.

--Tony E., éS Team Manager / Hairstylist


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