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February 2005

Posted February 25, 2005. 1 Comment

Hong Kong Gallery Up!

That's right! Now you can view éS Team Manager Tony E.'s lovely lense work from Hong Kong in the Gallery section of the éS Web site.

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éS Filmer Scuba Steve's Top 5 Favorite Candy Bars

  1. Charleston Chew (all flavors)
  2. Laffy Taffy
  3. Nerd Ropes
  4. Snickers
  5. Milky Way

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éS Down Under!

A little bit of the éS team heads down to the World Cup contest in Melbourne, Australia. A short travelogue by Team Manager, Tony E.

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Team Report 02-21-05

Eric Koston just returned from his vacation in Tavarua, Fiji. As you may have noticed on the éS home page, Frost is our featured skater of the month for Feburary.

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Accel & Accel Plus P.J. Ladd Colorways!

What up, y'all? It's time to head on out to your nearest skate shop right now to buy a pair of P.J. Ladd's very own colorways of the éS Accel and Accel Plus shoes.

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P.J. Ladd's Top 5 Favorite TV Shows

  1. Kill your TV
  2. Kill your TV
  3. Kill your TV
  4. Kill your TV
  5. Kill your TV

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Team Report 02-16-05

Eric Koston is currently on vacation in Tavarua, Fiji, relaxing, soaking up some rays and getting fully barreled.

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P.J. Ladd Video Editing Contest Winners!

As most of you know, P.J. Ladd's now-classic footage in Flip's Really Sorry DVD was not edited to music. So, we gave all you kids who have video editing systems a chance to be a budding editor.

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éS Loves You!

That's right. In lieu of a box of chocolates and a dozen roses, this year we're giving you something different for Valentine's Day.

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YéS! éS Footwear recently acquired its very own official vehicle in the form of a totally pimped-out dolly dubbed the éSUV.

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