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Posted March 8, 2005 by éS

You asked, and Cale Nuske has answered! He's responded to a bunch of your favorite questions, so what are you waiting for? Check ‘em out right now! It’s pretty much like a brand-new interview with Cale conducted by all of you loyal éS heads.

P.S. For those of you who asked basic biographical-style questions like, "How old were you when you started skating?" etc., please read Cale’s bio.

Amy from London, England: Do you have a girlfriend?

Andy from Dickinson, North Dakota: What inspires you to keep skating? Has skating ever interfered with school-related activities or getting a job?
Just because I love it and don't know what else I would do if I didn't skate. It did interfere with school, but I guess it worked out all right.

K-cizzle from Beavertron, Oregon: What's it like to be a new member on the éS team? Do you feel like you need to try harder to fit in with the guys?
No, not really, Everyone on the team is mellow. All I have to do is skate and everything will be cool.

Paddo and Pete from Brissy, Australia: What do you think of your hometown Adelaide City Skatepark, now that the expansion went though?
It's sick. The park is twice the size now, and has everything from bowls to hubbas to mini-ramps. It's like a little training facility.

Joe from Rochester, New York: So what's it like traveling with a bunch of cool guys like the éS team? Do you ever get into conflicts like Koston and McCrank do?
Yeah, it's fun. No conflicts, as far as I know.

Chioke from Seattle, Wahington: Is knee surgery hard to recover from? How long do you think it takes to get back to normal, if ever at all?
It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do. It took the longest time, twelve months, to get better. My knee is pretty much healed now, but it feels a little weaker than the other knee. I doubt if it will ever be 100%, but I'm working to get it back to 99% in a couple of more months.

Janis from Riga, Latvia, Europe: How did you get to ride for Cliché, even though you are not European?
My former Australian clothing sponsor paid for me to go to Europe, where I hung out and skated with the Cliché team. I just went skating with them. I didn't plan to get sponsored. They just hooked me up.

Jake from Kekaha, Hawaii: I saw your part in Bon Appetit, and I have to say that you completely blew my mind. I want to know if there is something you want to conquer really bad?
Right now, because of my knee, I just want to jump down stuff.

John H. from Brighton, Michigan: What's up? I'm stoked on the Cliché Bon Appetit video! It makes skating look so fun again. I was just wondering, what's the difference between skating in the U.S. and skating in Europe?
Language, for one. Everything is closer in Europe, and made out of marble. Also, the security guards aren't as crazy as they are in the U.S.

Anon from Internetland, California: Who on the éS team inspires you the most? Why?
They all inspire me in different ways. They are all crazy good skaters.

Jeremy from Beaverton, Oregon: What is your favorite éS shoe?
At the moment, the Accel.

Mark from Quebec, Canada: How is it to be with French people on a Cliché trip? Do they always speak French? Do you speak French?
Yeah, most of them speak French, German or Spanish, but they all also speak a little bit of English.

Will from Winnipeg, Canada: Hello, Cale. I am also a tall bastard with huge feet. Do you break lots of boards, or did you break lots comin' up?
Yeah, if I'm filming, I'll pretty much break a board a day. But if I'm just mucking around, I don't normally break boards.

Julius from Melbourne, Australia: How many times a week do you skate?
Every day.

Aaron from Alice Springs, California: Do you prefer parks like those in Adelaide or street spots in the States and Europe?
I like just mucking around the parks here and learning a couple of tricks. When I go to Europe or the U.S., I skate a lot of street and film and shoot.

David from Jacksonville, Florida: Yo, Cale! Did you choose Frank Zappa's song in your Cliché part? That song is sick! Keep them kickflip crooks up.
No, Fred Mortagne chose it.

Calenuskerulezzzz from Calenuskerulezzzz: How wide are the decks you skate? And your trucks?
I usually ride a 7.825" or 8" deck and low Royals.

Josh M. from Gloucester, Massachusetts: I saw you in the Cliché Bon Appetit video. It was sick. Anyway, where is your favorite place to skate in Australia?
Melbourne. Good people, good spots and it's easy to go skate.

Brian from East Bethel, Minnesota: What is it like being asked to be on the team of such a big shoe company like éS?
Crazy. It's a dream come true. I never thought something like that would happen to me, coming out of Adelaide. I've always ridden éS shoes from the start, so it's crazy to be on the team.

Tyler from Greenvile, South Carolina: How do you like the new Accelerate with System G2 Full Impact™?
I skated in a pair the other day. They feel already broken in straight out of the box, and they're a little bit more squishy because of the System G2 Full Impact™. You can jump down stuff and not hurt as much.

Blake from Atlanta, Georgia: Cale, I've noticed no one really gives you any credit for your skating. I tell my friends you rip, and they don't even know who you are. Do you think this is because you're from Australia?

Morgan from Perth, Australia: Are you proud of being an Aussie when you go overseas and people notice you?
Yep. Aussie for life.

Chris from San Francisco, California: Yo, Cale! You rip. What's up with the lack of footy in Freedom Fries? I was hoping to see some more amazing stuff from you! Your tricks were sick, though...just not enough of them!
Knee reconstruction.

Bert from Oxford, England: Does skating bring out the best in you? You just look like you're enjoying yourself so much.
I love it I don't even think about anything when I'm skating. I'm just mucking around.

Murray from Salem, Oregon: Cale, what do you like to do outside of skateboarding?
Just hang out with friends and girls and do nothing.

Devlon from Adelaide, Australia: How did you get so good and end up getting sponsored when Adelaide has no good spots? Do you have a spot list?
I grew up just riding little skateparks. They pretty much have everything you need to learn on.

Victor from Vancouver, Canada: Do you think the Cliché team will ever go on a North America tour? Do you still skate with those guys?
I think they were talking about getting a few people over there to film and do a little tour. Hopefully, that will happen. It would be cool.

Michael from Traverse City, Idaho: Are you going to come out with an éS pro shoe any time soon? If so, I want to buy, buy, buy!
I have no idea. That's not up to me.

Elliot from Oxford, Ohio: You're a pretty smooth cat, but which trick do you mostly slam on while trying?
Frontside flips.

Elliot from Oxford, Ohio: Who were your biggest inspirations as a skater growing up?
Mark Appleyard, Eric Koston, Arto Saari, Brian Wenning.

Elliot from Oxford, Ohio: What's your favorite shoe of all time?
The Accel, because I've skated in so many pairs. I always go back to the Accel.

Joe from Bath, England: What's your finishing trick in a Game of SKATE when everyone else has S-K-A-T?
Switch inward heel flip. I don't have one trick, just whatever I'm feeling that day.

Chris Nieratko from Sayreville, New Jersey: Have you ever thought of yourself as an obscure vegetable used primarily as a garnish?
I don't know. That's a mind twister there. It's too early in the morning for me to answer that one.

Mark from Saratoga, California: I just finished watching your part in Cliché's Bon Appetit video, and you had so many awesome tricks in it! When you get to a spot, do you just think up the trick right then, or do you make a trick list?
Usually, I just go there and do whatever I'm feeling at the time.

Ales from Slovenia: What gives you all that powwwerrr to blast out all that stuff? You are superior!
Cuz I'm Aussie.

Stokes from Lossie, Scotland: Is any of your family really jealous of you?
No one's jealous, but everyone in my family wishes they could travel with me.

Mr. Bo Jangle from Oceanside, California: Do you guys ever get in trouble for taking too much product?
I'm sure we should, but I try to go easy. I take what I need.

Arome from Calgary, Canada: What trick took you the longest to learn?
Tré flips and switch tré flips took the longest.

Nick from Adelaide, Australia: What goes through your head as you're about to leap down a handrail? How do you deal with the injuries you get as a result?
I think, "Just stay on the board." Injury has to come with jumping down all these stairs. By doing it, I can't really complain. But, it sucks getting hurt. I've definitely had my fair share of it.

Hugh Jass from Yo Mama, Idaho: What does skateboarding mean to you? Please explain in eight 5-10 sentence paragraphs, Make sure to include plenty of adjectives.


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