Team Report 03-09-05

Posted March 9, 2005 by éS

Eric Koston has been living the life of luxury lately, golfing and working on his--dare I say it--éS K8 pro model shoe! Yes, the K8. Amazing, right? You may be saying to yourself, "The K8, already?" And the answer is "YéS!" In 2006, that is.

Speaking of amazing, what the heck is going on in the skateboard industry these days? Word is going around that an old board company from the early '90s called Plan B may be re-emerging in 2005. They are rumored to have some elite skaters lined up to ride for them, including éS team rider P.J. Ladd and ex-éS team rider Paul Rodriguez. Although nothing definite has been said about P.J., we'll see what happens. Either way, we here at éS thought you'd like to be the first to know.

Surveillance cameras here in the éS offices recently captured an image of none other than elusive éS team rider Tom Penny paying us his annual visit. Seems Tom came in to work on some new colorways of his Penny 2 éS pro model shoe, as well as a new version of the Penny 2--a low-top that looks like the mid, but lower. So, if someday in the future you buy a pair of each, you can wake up and ask yourself, "What kind of shoe am I feeling today? High-top or low-top?" Get em' both, just to be sure.

Since we're so stuck on the topic of pro shoes this week, we may as well come out and tell you that Rodrigo Tx. has signed off on his new éS Rodrigo 2 pro model shoe, which will be available in stores in Spring 2006. That's when P.J. Ladd's éS pro model shoe comes out, too. What does P.J.s shoe look like? Sorry, you'll have to wait and see. Get your grubby little hands ready to grab a pair of the éS Rodrigo 2 and P.J. Ladd pro model shoes next January.

In other éS team news, Justin Eldridge has turned into something of a teenage heartthrob. He recently participated in a photo shoot for Women's Weekly magazine, one of the world's largest women's fashion magazines. Yes, he got to pose with some hot female models and get paid for it! The life of a pro skateboarder, eh? I wonder if Justin needs an assistant?

éS Flow World

éS flow rider Bobby Worrest (pictured at the top of this team report) will be visiting BroCal for a bit at the end of March. Bobby is going to hang with the éS boys, drink some 40s of Pepsi and film all night with éS filmer Scuba Steve. Then we're off on a road trip up North to SF and Sacramento to film some more for the éS video.

While up North, we are planning on meeting up with éS flow rider Nyjah Huston so he can show us some local spots...and most likely show us how to skate them. Nyjah rips. You may have seen his recent Element ads in TransWorld Skateboarding and The Skateboard Mag. Although he will not have an éS ad for a bit, Nyjah is one of our top amateurs, fo' sho'!

éS flow rider Antwuan Dixon's nickname is Big Candy. Why? Because he is rumored to have over 10 cavities, thanks to a steady diet of candy and soda. But Antwuan rips, so who cares how many teeth he has? You know the old saying, "Ladies Love No Teeth."


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