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Posted March 14, 2005 by éS

I love hot shop talk, rumors and anything that'll make my day pass a little easier in conversation. Let's talk about the latest rumors to emerge. Plan B, and Mark Appleyard on Globe. Yes, P.J. is off Flip, which is both good and bad. Good, because Flip has enough heavy hitters on that team, so what's the deal if they are minus one now? P.J. has always loved Plan B (back in the '90s), so it was a pretty obvious choice to leave Flip for Plan B. He now joins ex-éS Team Rider Paul Rodriguez and friend Ryan Gallant, as well as Danny Way and Colin Mckay, on the legendary board company. Let's just hope it can last. The salaries are off the charts, from what I hear (five digits a month!). So, what do you think about Paul leaving Girl? Plan B? And P.J. leaving Flip?


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  1. skateboarding is getting rad

    nowax Posted: 10 years ago
  2. Plan B is sounding incredible.

    Jacob Posted: 10 years ago
  3. 5 digits? Damn!

    Chris Posted: 10 years ago
  4. its all about the money yo! paul did it with es to nike and from girl to plan b. i hope it hits hard like es and girl do. the girl family is a hard family to replace.

    quattro_sk8r Posted: 10 years ago
  5. yeah plan B will be awesome, did anyone hear about Danny Way ollieng the Great Wall Of China?? Already a few BMXers have died trying, crazy stuff!

    Marky D Posted: 10 years ago
  6. Man, you must be kidding me, Plan B is nuts. I mean how spontanious is that? Paul leaves Girl. What the freak? Girl is my number on company of choice, and P-rod leaving puts a hole in my heart. I can't believe he is going with this Plan B thing. Well, whatever. I'm sticking with Girl though. It's too bad though, Rodriguez was one of the gnarliest skaters on the team. Oh well.

    Narayan Posted: 10 years ago
  7. haha...I think that the old plan B cannot be replaced and that the wood that comes outtta syndrome sucks...but best of luck to the new plan B maybe they can change skateboarding like the original team did.

    David Posted: 10 years ago
  8. pj off flip? noooooooooooooooooooooooo

    g1rl Posted: 10 years ago
  9. cant wait for the video!!

    branny Posted: 10 years ago
  10. who will take the place of P rod?!?!?!?!?!?!

    branny Posted: 10 years ago
  11. That's so tight that PJ is gonna be on plan b, that team was tight back in the day and its gonna be tight now, havin PJ and all of them on it... So when are the boards gonna start comin out?

    Blake Posted: 10 years ago
  12. it sucks that paul is leaving girl cause it's like the best formulated team and it'd suck if some punk rock bitch took his place pluse all his graphics were sick, it sucks but he knows what he is doing and he is good enough to make any team get really big really quick

    west-side Posted: 10 years ago
  13. PJ Ladd was so right for flip and Paul Rod was so right for girl. But If the both of them are in one team,that blows every other team away. PJ AND Paul are masters at skatin. Feget about them on there own but together Plan B will be imense as long as there boards are also immense

    Ramiz Reza (PJ Fan) Posted: 10 years ago
  14. This team is gonna be sick! I hope the boards won't be made out of the new chinawood, that could be the reason Paul left the team and if it is it's pretty messed up for the Girl team!

    Dutchman Posted: 10 years ago
  15. Plan B is gonna be shit hot, man team! mad!

    Hiett Posted: 10 years ago
  16. good move for pj in my opinion. he didnt really fit in on flip... and i remember that one interview about him not being happy with his board graphics and whatnot. no comment on paul...

    yates Posted: 10 years ago
  17. paul will switch for money. left es for nike. who would do that. if pj switched to plan b. its alright cus flip has a good team and pj is just amazing. plan b is going to be awesome.

    Ted Posted: 10 years ago
  18. as long as they still rip and come out with amazing video parts I could care less what team they ride for.

    john Posted: 10 years ago
  19. man, p-rod, gallant, pjladd plan b is soo tight

    fashagginoff Posted: 10 years ago
  20. just make sure you send my package direct Team mom. PEACE

    todd michael Posted: 10 years ago
  21. PJ Leaving Flip and joining Plan B is the smartest thing to do since getting on eS

    Flip didnt suit him anyway

    T Posted: 10 years ago
  22. hells yeah! pj on plan b thats so dope. and RG dope as well. prod is sick but i dont really like him that much i dunno whay. and colin and danny on it too. thats fuckin fantastic. cant wait for the new plan B. thats so sick. i luv scating!
    first stereo now plan b thats dope.

    trife Posted: 10 years ago
  23. Plan B was on of the hottest companies around at on time and that it has been frankinstein'd we're gonna have something to look out for.

    PJ: wit Mr. Ladd leavin' Flip it woun't hurt there team to much jus the got bastien, geoff, and penny holdin it down so there cool.

    P.Rod: wit Paul leavin' Girl it really wouldn't do much to there team wit Girl theres Chocolate so there pretty thick...all i kno is that the new Plan B is gonna be the shizznite

    Sdot Posted: 10 years ago
  24. ok enough about plan B..... appleyard on globe?!?!?

    Double G Posted: 10 years ago
  25. Appleyard on Globe...LAME. We hear it was a mad money deal which is cool cause you gotz' to pay the rent, ya heard. But Globe?...Shit, we think it's part of a bigger picture though that none us seen yet...we think?

    Plan B ads drop in April I heard...rumor or decide.

    craig Posted: 10 years ago
  26. shwam

    magic nugget Posted: 10 years ago
  27. pj ladd didnt seem right on flip anway and i mean i could care if pj or mark rode for world industries there still gnar

    noble Posted: 10 years ago
  28. I don't care where pj goes because he is the best.that would be cool if arto got on too.Mark Appleyard+Globe=__________

    Boba Posted: 10 years ago
  29. Pj can do whatever but really i dont care that much for prods skating

    Snuffolufogus Posted: 10 years ago
  30. plan b was a revolutionary team in the 90's, hopefully it will be just as big now, and by the sounds of the team, it might.

    Geoff Posted: 10 years ago
  31. RG+PJ+P_ROD= i want to see the movie
    and globe suck,so appleyard now suck

    bill Posted: 10 years ago
  32. seeing Im from Boston I think its sick that PJ and Ryan are on the same team. And DannyWay and Colin McCay youst to be on Plan B so thats pretty cool too.

    Curt Daley Posted: 10 years ago
  33. wish pj would have just gone on Girl. surley if he was such a fan of Planb he would have gone to the team that plan b spawned. i still think hes the best though

    padd pellow Posted: 10 years ago
  34. In interviews and stuff it seemed that PJ wasnt too stoked on flip. I dont think the move from circa to globe was too good of an idea. Circa gives way more coverage then globe, but globe is probably more profitable. whatever. plan b is going to kick ass.

    JDizzle Posted: 10 years ago
  35. who cares if paul lefed the girl team the board suck dick they brake to fast but i dont now why pj would leave flip best team and best boards

    angent cody banks Posted: 10 years ago
  36. who cares if paul lefed the girl team the board suck dick they brake to fast but i dont now why pj would leave flip best team and best boards

    angent cody banks Posted: 10 years ago
  37. who cares if paul lifed the girl team the board suck dick thet brake to fast but i domt now why pj would leave flip best team and best boards

    angent cody banks Posted: 10 years ago
  38. say what you will pj ladd did not fit Flip
    if you didn't see it coming then your blind
    how many photo's was there of him skating girl decks?
    but he's on plan B... sounds like a pretty insane team
    but no family.

    brettc Posted: 10 years ago
  39. i think pj should skate girl. and i think p-rod shouldn't leave girl.

    brian rosinski Posted: 10 years ago
  40. but that whole plan b idea is genius so i dont care if pj leaves flip

    brian rosinski Posted: 10 years ago
  41. pj can do wat ever he wants he can do neat tricks................. i find a bunch of little treasures in my foreskin

    lucas Posted: 10 years ago
  42. I have a feeling this ressurected plan b company won't last too long. PROD lefted another great brand (he lefted eS too =( ), is money that important. Does that justify leaving a great company? i think not. as for pj leaving flip kudos to him flip boards suck. apples on globe? is the world ending??????

    David H. Posted: 10 years ago
  43. fair enough for pj to leave, not much of a change to flip then. p-rod leaving es and girl, wouldnt koston be bummed?

    dylan Posted: 10 years ago
  44. i think it was a good idea for ladd to leave flip ,on flip he wasnt getting that much attention cause everybody wants geoff and arto and people are not really seeing how fucking awesome ladd is ,maybe now he'll get more mag coverage since he is going to be the best of plan b along with p-rod , aslong as no body leaves e'S the skateboarding industry will be aight -when is the yes movie coming out could you people put out a trailer or sonthin

    DANNY Posted: 10 years ago

    yes it is true... but circa sucks they've lost all there great skaters. and we'll be out of buisness in no time.

    brettc Posted: 10 years ago
  46. i just reacently downloaded 2 pj ladd video parts from this forum in another site. they are parts before his wonderful horrible life video. I think one is a part from the first coliseum video (not wonderful horrible life)and the other one is a sponsor me tape. its great i cant believe how good he was even back then . anyways i need some help, i want to know how you can make the video (i think its a mpg file)watchable on a dvd player. do you have to convert it or what? can some one please help me?

    p.s. if some one can tell me how to do this i will post the link to the forum where you can find both of the videos.

    Crazy G Posted: 10 years ago
  47. I dont really know but to me it just looks like paul is kind of a sell out cus hes left all his other sponsers for some unkown reason?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    robert Posted: 10 years ago
  48. Pj ladd leaveing flip to go to plan b to me is a good idea because he was the only american skater on flip and he was kind of distant to the whole team.He always said he was stoked on plan b so its like a dream come true for him.I just hope the wood is not swindal cause that is gay.

    As for p-rod I don't really think it was a good move for him to leave a team like girl that is sucha tight family and leaving es was not a good move for him.

    apples leaving circa wow what a blow for circa they have lost some many good riders James craig,j.t,chris cole,caswell berry,the muska,lenny rivias its crazy but they still have some rippers on the team.

    congrats to the p.j ladd,p-rod,and apples for there new sponsers.

    mfj Posted: 10 years ago
  49. This is horrible. I remember when teams signed ams that later turned pro, not make a super team just for profit. Sign the best first and be standing last is what Plan B thinks, but I guarantee it won't work out.

    If P-Rod continues his pattern of going on teams STRICTLY based on money he will be a depressed, lonely has-been in no time. Leave eS for Nike=bad. Leave Girl for 10-20 grand a month=Worse. FKD and Silver=sucky products but lots of pay. His name is no longer on 4Star's website, he'll probably end up on Calvin Klein or something. I also heard he recently picked up Mountain Dew as a new sponsor. Pretty soon you'll be able to buy shares of P-Rod stock.

    As for PJ, its not too late. I'm sure the original passion that made you want to skate in the first place is still in you. Just realize "I don't need money to enjoy skating" and you will be fine. And don't think that skateboarding needs you, think that you need skateboarding.

    Chomp on that PLAN Bankruptcy, you corporate bastards!

    Your Name Posted: 10 years ago
  50. Mark Appleyard leaving C1RCA for Globe is seriously retarted... it pissed me off when Arto left éS for etnies (but now etnies has a strong team and look, and the ARTO shoes are the best out there today), and Apples going to Globe is gonna suck... Those shoes are the ugliest and crappiest ones out there... As for PJ Ladd leaving FLiP... Flip is my favourite company hands down, and i thought PJ would be good on either Girl or Flip, but i guess he should get in touch with his roots... its a decent move for him... As for Paul Rodriguez... i used to be a fan and everything... but now he's just a little sellout bitch... why the fuck would you leave such an amazing company like éS for fucking nike, who doesn't know anything about the grass-roots of skateboarding? The shit he's doing just pisses me off... He'll be good on Plan B, but he was good on Girl. Thats my view on the trades, i know Plan B will be a sick team, just like their team ten years ago...

    take it easy.

    PS - i've lost a little respect for Appleyard, and thats pretty sad seeing as how i'm his #1 fan... :(

    CHR1S Posted: 10 years ago
  51. I do not beleive that P-Rod went to NIke for the cash. Yes they do pay MORE money, but P-Rod is a Fan of Nike Shoes, and plus he liked to skate them when he was younger, before becoming am. He aint a Sell out or doing it for the cash, he just loved nike shoes, so he went to nike shoes.

    Plan B-> i think its a good idea for having Plan B making a come Back. With Plan B coming back, having GREAT skaters, (they should have Mullen, and the other ORIGINAL Plan B team) so they would be a TRUE family.

    Now for Appleyard...Circa to Globe. Im not feeling that...I dont whats gonna happen to Circa, i mean the team is falling apart. Thomas, Cole, Muska, and now APPLES?? whoa..maybe the maneger is bad, thats what i heard why thomas got off...i dont know.

    sktr4life Posted: 10 years ago
  52. plan b sounds pretty sick, appleyard on globe dosent. pj ladd should feel home with ryan gallant hes got sick, gracefull pop, i dont really like pj ladd he seems like he is never having fun, like he dosent want anyone to like his skateing or something maybe not? 5 digits a month is pretty sick. i heard that stevie williams and chad muska quit there shoe companys to skate for reebok? anyone know anything bout that shit

    haveing fun_is the best part

    adam Posted: 10 years ago
  53. girl boards are made of chinese wood, chinese wood is the werssst, as long as plan b wood is canadian maple i support his move, and pj and flip, yeah he didnt seem to into it. Allthough circas image is better i dont respect there shoes anymore than globes, my circas fell to bits.

    Tim Posted: 10 years ago
  54. DAmn P rod off girl the team must be bummed. The team is gonna be sick though. PJ off Flip wow. Thats unexpected. But its all good he still on eS. Appleyard on GLobe I don't know. At Least he gets to skate with Rodney.

    Paul Rosales Posted: 10 years ago
  55. Oh don't hate on P rod He is still on 4-Star. every New PRo has to find a Company thats Right for him.

    Paul Rosales Posted: 10 years ago
  56. which board company did p-rod go pro

    joe Posted: 10 years ago
  57. Appleyard joining Globe, silly. They are a shitty shoe company with bad designs. I hope Circa doesnt fall because they make the best shoes on the market right now, I also hope they dont stop making Appleyard signature shoes on Circa, those were the tightest designs ever both the MA402 and MA707. PJ joining Plan B, thats cool I guess good for the guy, and Paul R joining Nike haha ever random. Nike is shit and anyone who will wear those shoes has no style.

    Saul Johnson Posted: 10 years ago
  58. Pj on Plan B...we all knew that a board company change was inevitable. Just look at some of his recent ads...lots of Es stickers but not a single FLIP logo (isn't that the whole idea of being sponsored by someone, promoting the product?) I figured he would have left for Girl but the ressurection of Plan B gave him the oppurtunity to join something historic in the skateboard world. Props go out to D. Way and C. McKay for starting back up one of the great companies in this industry called skateboarding.

    P-Gush Posted: 10 years ago
  59. Plan B being done out of syndrome. LAME and lamer. Why would P.J. ride for syndrome? DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO GUY MARIANO??? Es should pick him up!

    killa Moe Posted: 10 years ago
  60. guy mariano and gabriel Rodriguez would be sick on the es team, is g-rod on flow or something i noticed him in a few of the pics in the gallery

    adam Posted: 10 years ago
  61. hold up mann who da hell isss g- rod u mean p-rod dumb fuck dam spel right next time fuck

    erick Posted: 10 years ago
  62. everyone seems to be hating on p-rod.
    as much as i hate to say it the skateboard industry is just like any other business. those that are fortunate enough to be sponsored riders rely on the income they make from sponsors. and unfortunatley skateboarding is not a sport where you can still be hitting rails and sets when you are 50. its called security and p-rod has his head on straight. no one on here is mouthing BAM or Tony Hawk for their actions...TV shows, Video Games, Movies and corporate sponsors.
    Props to the guys that are getting what they deserve.

    hassy Posted: 10 years ago
  63. Plan B is gonna be the new dream team. PJ made a good choice.

    Matt Posted: 10 years ago
  64. ...truthfully, does it even matter where they go? It's not like friendships are busted and people hate each other over what graphic they rock. I'm sure P-Rod left Es cause the money looked long... same for most other moves in the skate industry ( Less just gettin' over folks and their bullshit.. ) don't get tricked kids.. I'm sure everything is tight and all.

    So, um, in response to the base idea. I think it's a good fuckin' moved for everyone, as long as the money is long ( As well as the smiles )

    Paas Posted: 10 years ago
  65. Let's get a few things straight:
    -Nike doesnt mean you have no style, i get mine for 30 bucks at Finish Line, and they work great. U can get 2 pairs of Nikes for the cost of some eS. I love them both.
    -I dont like the whole Plan B idea. Yea, it's a lot of money for skateboarding, but i would rather skate an 8 stair rail with koston than jump the great wall of china with danny way.
    -Skateboarding is about fun. Started for fun, kept going for fun, never stopped being for fun. If those guys get to make a living off of it, then cool. I would take the chance to make a living off sk8in, but i wouldnt take it to THAT level.
    -All skating stuff is personal preference. Some people like certain teams, certain decks (whether its size, shape, or graphic), or certain shoes. If a sk8er likes Nikes and a Plan B deck, then thats what they like, it doesnt make them a sellout. If you like Vans with a Shop deck, then thats what you like. Tis all personal preference.

    dgksk8er Posted: 10 years ago
  66. This is the biggest (Trade wise) shake up in skateboarding since GirlChocolate formed from Plan B, and skateboarding changed then for the better. Don't get me wrong, Plan B kicked off the change, but look what Rick Howard and co did: They created an almost holy sect within skateboarding, where unless you faded off (Mariano the biggest loss, but also Jovontae, Paulo Diaz, Gabriel Rodrigues or G Rod. Rudy Johnson) no one pro actually upped and left until Stevie Williams (i'm fairly sure, and doesnt that tattoo look silly now, as does his DC one). The Mafia analogy has been used before; once on GirlChocolate, you were a made man. Look at what happened with Kenny Anderson; his skating got far more recognition from many people (including myself) after making the big move. Back to the point though. Skating got better, taking Plan B's innovational style and cleaning it up, refining it with eagerly aniticpated videos with high production values, for the most part good skits or non skate sections. refining it with new tricks that always looked good, refining it with a popped, caught and four - downed approach to skating. And for nearly 10 years, no one left the team; it was the team(s) everyone wanted to be on and no one wanted to leave.
    Hopefully, Plan B's moves within the industry should usher in another new era for skateboarding as long as they don't just concentrate on paying people more for their abilities. All the skaters bring something of their own to the team, be it Danny Way's pioneering crazy skating (what are you meant to call it?), Colin Mckay's no-grabs theory, PJ's flatland and ledge innovation, Ryan Gallant's clean, symmetrical style and lines or Paul Rodriguez' ability to seemingly do anything down anything (barring pre-mid-90s impossible and pressure styled stuff, and Daewon, Rodney and Chris Haslam's craziness) with one of the cleanest styles imaginable, hopefully it will get other companies to take the same approach to team compilation. This combination of skater's just need the appropriate outlet (a video) to show the way.
    On the subject of PJ and P Rod's departures, I share some other's feeling that PJ didn't seem right on Flip and didn't seem to like it there, and his reverence for Plan B makes him ideal for the team. The allure of sharing a team with Gallant too must have helped in his acquisition.
    But P Rod's is a sticky situation. He's 20 at the oldest, and has hopefully a long life to budget for; I can see his reasoning behind "selling out", but what's to say someone else might offer him more (Who knows? Microsoft?!?) and he'll jump ship again? I Think leaving Girl, no matter who for, is a big deal, and as someone pointed out earlier in the thread, Girl is the evolution of Plan B. He is damaging his own integrity as much as he is filling his savings account, and who's to say his image to his thousands of young devotees won't be dented?
    However this situation pans out obver the next decade, it has LARGE implications for skateboarding as a whole, the community and the industry. I just think it'll be interesting to sit on the sidelines and watch as it all unfolds.

    Also, most of you need some polishing up in the grammar department, pronto. Och aye the noo and Ta Ta.

    Scotland Yay Posted: 10 years ago
  67. plan b sucks the best skater is pj ladd ok

    erick Posted: 10 years ago
  68. i think u guys should have tried to sign appleyard instead of globe and there crappy shoes

    BlakeL Posted: 10 years ago
  69. I think Plan B is still a good idea. I mean it has the wright intentions. But the better be careful so they don't turn into the New York Yankees of skateboarding. BOOO. How bout' them sox!... Anywho. You get the idea.

    Maximus_Q Posted: 10 years ago
  70. Plan B is sounding sick- Paul Rodriguez, PJ Ladd, Sounds RAD!

    Jack Posted: 10 years ago
  71. FUCK P-ROD

    MIKE GRIFFIN WAFFLES Posted: 10 years ago
  72. pj leaving flip was inevitable. he didnt like the boards anyway. was plan-b coming back out of the blue or what? they already had one of (maybe the) best team in skateboarding the second it was official. they are probably gonna be able to dish out thhose 5 digit salaries with all the purchases that will be coming. im gonna make a straightforward prediction here. plan-b will rule skateboarding for the next era they are in existence and make a video better than video days. as far as p-rod goes, he sucks. listen to the name. pee rod. get it? haha

    mike Posted: 10 years ago
  73. It's been really fun reading these posts, but as someone who was there the first time round (i.e. the original Plan B) I can tell you that the rehashing of this team is completely pointless. There is NO WAY on Earth that a reformed Plan B can have a pivotal impact on skateboarding like it did back in the day. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, PJ Ladd, P Rod, Gallant etc just aren't the same caliber as the original crop of pro's like Duffy, Sheff, Carroll etc etc - especially in terms of innovative tricks and style. Secondly, the new Plan B will be just another "brand" on the skateshop shelves, it won't have the personality or the impact (especially in creative/design terms) or the rawness that the original team had. The fact that they don't have Mike Ternasky either (the brains behind the first two videos who was tragically killed by a car walking into work one morning) also means that it would be difficult to even compare a new Plan B to what had been achieved then. Added to which, the amazing thing about the original Plan B was that each rider had a very individual style. Compare that to PJ Ladd - ok he can do some decent tricks, but he really has nothing to set himself apart from anyone else - he's basically a marketing creation of 'eS, he doesn't have the ability to stand out purely in just skateboard, no-bullshit terms. Finally, now that the skateboard industry has completely sold-out it doesn't take too much brains to work out that a reformed Plan B will be just disgusting, and will look like Element, Zoo York or any of the other big name brands do today - ie bloody awful!! I suggest younger skaters get their hands on "Questionable" or "Virtual Reality" to see where I am coming from. Unfortunately, skateboarding reached it's creative zenith back in '92/'93, it's pointless trying to do it again with a new Plan B.

    Chris.... Posted: 10 years ago
  74. fuck u bitch p-rod is sick ass hell i dont know wat ur talking about mike grifen wafffles

    erick Posted: 10 years ago
  75. i just wanted to post how lame my local shop is. its owned by some lame rich skater dudes that go to my shcool. recently they had their emo band and their friends emo bands play inside the shop which is located inside the mall, and those posers as a scheme to get people to come by they posted posters before that koston would show up at a certain time to do autographs. i was suspicous at first but i went anyway to see what the hype was about. when i got there they had this guy that was impersenating as koston signing autographs for little kids. i couldnt stop laughing about how lame the scam was so i split.

    p.s. stop the koston piracy

    iskateahempboard Posted: 10 years ago
  76. some fresh news: rumors go that Ladd will leave eS for DC shoes, I know y'all gonna hate me for saying this. Until now it's just a rumor.
    I wonder if eS will delete this post

    switchtre Posted: 10 years ago
  77. I am a skateboarder adn a filmer in a group of local area skaters, and i know that money isnt involved but we have never had a problem if someone wanted to leave the group and skate for that local shops. I think that everyone who has moved to the plan B team has made a wise descision. I mean hey if they are putting out good video parts that are motivating people to go out and skate i don't see any problem w/that. Seriously, why shouldnt p-rod and danny way get paid that well? look what they have done for skateboarding. Everyone of their video parts have always pumped me up, it doesnt matter what shoe or board co. they are riding for, it matters what they are doing on their boards........TR vol. 2 out soon.....if you live in the st. louis area you should deffinately check this one out!!

    Zlaw Posted: 10 years ago
  78. i will not beleive the pj, dc rumor until it is verified by tony e. himself

    mike Posted: 10 years ago
  79. PJ to DC bull shit

    Tim Posted: 10 years ago
  80. whats trvol.2? i live close

    magic nugget Posted: 10 years ago
  81. no no no itnot ganna happen man helnaver do something like that

    erick Posted: 10 years ago
  82. i heard bastien is off etnies and on globe too

    gavin Posted: 10 years ago
  83. and pj is still on es....he has a shoe coming out next i dont think ladd would be a sell out es skates too good to go to gay dc

    gavin Posted: 10 years ago
  84. bring back white suede accels please!!!

    keith Posted: 10 years ago
  85. well I don't mind PJ leaving Flip because he didn't seem to fit their style.But as for Paul, come on man!

    Tim Posted: 10 years ago
  86. i think it is good for pj cuz he has been skating girl boards lalely and flip boards suck! plan b was the tod of skating back then and it will be now

    coady Posted: 10 years ago
  87. when are plan b's hittin the shops!! im supporten my troops

    magic nugget Posted: 10 years ago
  88. heres my set up plan B board venture lows 50mm wheels an some e's shoes
    hows that ¿¿ ¿¿

    allen Posted: 10 years ago
  89. my bad i forgot and a kr3w hat (love those hats lol)

    allen Posted: 10 years ago
  90. plan b is gonna have such an elite team is this waht they are trying to do make all the best come together well if they are it sounds good

    Reyne Posted: 10 years ago
  91. who do you think will be next to be recruited to plan b?
    im thinkin a hammer/railfucker guy.
    if they're gonna stay up this time they should probubly get one to sell boards, kids love'm.

    magic nugget Posted: 10 years ago
  92. plan b can never be replaced never. its sooo fucking wack all these skaters need no more money they were fine where they are its gonna take other pros outa business under that distribution cuz of how much it will cost. BUN NEW PLAN B WHO THE FUCK WILL BUY SYNDROME WOOD ANYWAY YOUR BETTER OFF JUST CUT A BRANCH OFF A TREE AND SKATING IT THAN THAT WOOD

    DUNCAN Posted: 10 years ago
  93. appleyard.......wot a retard i hate globe and so does everyone i wana cry but im glad that plan b has got a rippin team now shood b good

    morgan Posted: 10 years ago
  94. wth that didnt happen

    dont blame me i voted for pj ladd eS Posted: 10 years ago
  95. P-rod should'nt left Girl for Plan B its just stupid and PJ's part in the flip video is really good and proves he should stay on the team and globes and appleyard is just plain old gay and the rumour about PJ leaving es for DC is just queer because dc shoes are for posers!!!!!

    Justin eldridge is freakin sick!!! Posted: 10 years ago
  96. why was eldridge wearing Rey 3s in his latest Royal ad???

    Marky D(supa's pants) Posted: 10 years ago
  97. Are you serious? PJs off Flip?? that sucks he was maybe one of the best skaters besides Arto, Geoff,Bastine, and Mark.

    Rob Posted: 10 years ago
  98. All I have to say is this: Whens the video gonna drop?

    Edgar Posted: 10 years ago

    Well yeah, Paul left Girl, that sucks, and 'eS for Nike. But he isnt a sell out... he AinT a StupiD bam margera...well i hope he doesnt turn out like em...cause im a P Rod fAN!! i dont care what sponsors hes in.. i think hes still the best hispanic skater EVER! with the best STYLE.. especially that his Dads A Comedian.. Thank god His dad gave him a board in the place. at six years old! no wonder hes all badass.. And Plan B for him sounds gooood with PJ other Favorite skater...

    yeah ur right FLIP Boards do suck....theres no concave anywhere!! GIRL N' ChocolaTE boards are the best, well i think so..second stars. cause P rod was just plain badass in the TransworLd video, i wanna try a city stars deck, but there outta business!, and PJ Ladd.. i first heard of em in the 2nd FLiP video. i fell in love with his part, even though no music..but who one skates with music..

    appppllleeeeyarddd leaaavinnngg cirrccaa for gloooobbeee hmmmmmm....nothing to say there....i dont know why he wud do that...doesnt he realize globes are not gooood..there just not..
    AHH! i hate there designs! why did they make it like that!! i hate looking at them!

    well still a P Rod Fan, so i guess im moving on with em on this to Plan B...ill try em out.. see how they are..and yeah..hes not a sell i think he left 'eS for Nike for a reason...because maybe he never Had a pro Model for 'eS thats why..and now he does on yeah...thats it..


    P ROD FAN!!!!! Posted: 10 years ago
  100. hey pj i think you should go on to girl the bored are sick. dont get me rong i like flip but i think you should go on girl

    Gus Giannotti Posted: 10 years ago
  101. Paul man you should go back your nolle heel in year rigth do that set is sick i just want rto say that

    Gus Giannotti Posted: 10 years ago
  102. Eldridge was probably wearing reynolds 3s because emerica is in the same family as es.

    PJim Posted: 10 years ago
  103. ^ sole tech = es, etnies & emerica. i wonder if the es team manager would get mad at him for rocking them in a photo.

    chris Posted: 10 years ago
  104. its bullshit that paul left girl, oh well... koston is still the shit and better than P-ROD

    Ross Ingman Posted: 10 years ago

    COOL GUY Posted: 10 years ago
  106. PJ doesnt fit least i dont think so...neither flip....maybe he'll fit Cliche..or....i dont know...but PLAN B's Good enough

    cools Posted: 10 years ago
  107. P Rod switched to nike because he didnt have a pro model for 'eS!!!!!!!!! RoOoOAAaR!!

    pROD Posted: 10 years ago
  108. but im sticking with eS because theyre the best!!! THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pROD Posted: 10 years ago
  109. 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS! 'eS!

    pROD Posted: 10 years ago
  110. thank god his Dad gave him a board at six years old AHa!!!

    P- ROD! P- ROD! P- ROD! P- ROD!

    pROD Posted: 10 years ago
  111. ok shut up... hey how do you say it?

    eS? do u say it like E.S.? the letter S?

    nathan Posted: 10 years ago
  112. p-rod is cool, i use to skate with him back in the day at holmes high. me him and terry kennedy. now that was fun, no thinkin of sponsors, just plain skatin.

    Jason Hart Posted: 10 years ago
  113. Duuuuuuddddddee¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ globe shoes suck its bad that mark appleyard is there now i like rodney and mumford but i think they fit in there

    alex Posted: 10 years ago
  114. nathan the way you pronounce eS is like the letter S. but i pronounce E.S i think its easier to pronounce it like that. hehe

    alex Posted: 10 years ago
  115. i think P.J fits in fine where he is(just my opinion)

    alex Posted: 10 years ago
  116. Appleyard is gonna change globe forever bitches bastien on globe?? hmmm

    MASK Posted: 10 years ago
  117. PJ goes Baker,
    P-rod goes back 2 eS,
    Appleyard's dumb,
    and Danny Way
    and Colin McGAY suck

    jason Posted: 10 years ago
  118. Dannny Way is ths shit. So is Colin Mckay. If they have Jake Brown they got the bset vert team. P.J. Ladd never fit on flip. I think he would fit better on Girl/Chocolate but since now that plan B is back its all good. I think Appleyrd should have stayed on C1rca because of the video they were making but Globe is cool too.

    Garth Posted: 10 years ago
  119. muska and paris hilton are a item

    les Posted: 9 years ago
  120. Behind P-Rod all the way though! Just dont leave silver you already left fkd for diamond, ricta for hubba, es for nike dont leave fourstar bro!! Congrats on being in Plan B!!!!!!

    Fredo Posted: 9 years ago
  121. i am also behind p-rod . he is the sickest skater!from switch flips over 13s to switch tre flipin double sets. he is the best. i cant wait to see the plan B video.

    emerson bennett Posted: 9 years ago
  122. dude Bastien is not gonna leave the etnies etnies and éS are the best shoes ever but still think that etnies are more durable but éS much more better feel

    Zopilallo Posted: 9 years ago

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